Damn That Was A Tasty Bp-Ish Smoothie.

okay, yogurt and blackberries, and raspberries, aren't exactly on the green side of the diet, but pretty damn close. 


today's post-training smoothie was:


a mix of dinosaur kale and mixed baby kale steamed

a cup of grass-fed low temp pasteurized unsweetened plain yogurt (surely that isn't THAT bad right?)

about a cup of organic blackberries and raspberries (hey, at least they're better fruits right?)

1 tbs. aronia berry juice (more antioxidents than acai, and locally grown?! hell yeah!)

a few leaves of fresh basil (raw, is that bad?)

half of an avocado

1 tbs. upgraded mct oil

2 tbs. upgraded whey

1 tbs kerrygold butter

1 small nub of fresh organic ginger, grated

a bit of unsweetened vanilla hemp milk for consistency

1 tsp upgraded vanilla



not perfect, but pretty damn nutritious and delicious i think. 


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