Bulletproofers Beware!

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Fat in Red Meat and Butter May Hurt Your Brain

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[font="Georgia, serif"]Red Meat and butter are the main staples of the Bulletproof diet. [/font][font=Georgia, serif]Bulletproof experts, what are your thoughts on this article from TIME?[/font]


  • The comments so far under the article are suprisingly good.

    Bad study. Ridiculous results. Nothing to see here...moving along.
  • The comments section of the article break it down pretty well. I think it is telling that the ONLY studies that they can do to "prove" meat is bad for you are these awful food reporting observational studies and I've yet to see a single clinical trial that shows the same thing. Researchers will tell you, if you try to do or publish a study that produces data that are not in line with the "saturated fat will kill you" dogma, you get shut down / shut out pretty quickly.
  • the study means nothing. observational studies will show correlations but can't prove causations.

    in this particular "study"-

    they assume people will be honest when responding to questionnaires.

    they lump cookies/crackers/chips in with red meat + butter

    they don't differentiate between grass-fed + grain-fed, or between free-range and factory-farmed.

    they don't differentiate between real meat and processed meat.

    comments below the article are pretty on point.
  • It's about as credible as any alarmist news reporting that blatantly misinterprets observational data as fact. No Bulletproofers need to "beware" of this study. They just need to beware of bad science and alarmist media.
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