Can You Eat Frozen Fish Raw?

So I love raw salmon in sushi and found a supermarket that sells cheap wild caught salmon individually wrapped, frozen.  Can I simply defrost this in the refrigerator and eat it?  


  • What exactly do you mean by sushi grade? I've been building up to raw fish lately, now just gently cooking it for a few minutes (always purchase froze fish - primarily salmon). I was actually going to make a bunch of different ceviche dishes soon to maximize the 'rawness' of the fish (I know the citric juices 'cook' it, but much less so than heat). But I don't want to consume something that is going to have me sick for 3 days, lol.

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  • No, it should be sushi grade.

    Why is this?

  • Yeah sushi grade fish has been bled correctly, stored properly after being caught and transported to the dock and I think frozen at a certain temp to kill bacteria. Something along those lines...

  • I've developed a method of lightly blanching fish.  I like to get some salty water heated up close to boiling and put a big slab of sockeye with the skin cut off in there for about 30-45 seconds.  Then pour it through a strainer, put it in a bowl and stir it up with some butter and salt, and use it to make sushi.  I don't run it in cold water like some ways of blanching.  It's certainly not raw but quite good. 

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