Coconut Cream Concentrate

Hello, I am new to the forum and bulletproof. I have immersed myself as much as possible, but still have more to read and listen to.  


I read that you'd have to have a ton of coconut oil to equal mct oil, can anyone tell me about coconut cream concentrate.  I have quite a bit of this stuff maybe enough to last about 2 weeks and I really have to wait on getting mct oil.


I think I have had 8 tspoons today.  


Here is the link for nutritional info


I also have coconut oil and had some in my coffee this morning.  Maybe 1-2 tbsp


And one totally unrelated question to the topic.  I am nursing a child over a yr and only at night, but sometimes all night long. Is there any adjustment I need to make for this?   My milk supply is limited so I am more worried about myself.  And seems like  read somewhere not many ketones make their way into breastmilk.


Quick info about me...


I am doing IF at the present moment.

I probably should look more at recommendations for adrenal fatigue, I am just overwhelmed with all the info

Worked out today, HIIT and ran for 30 minutes.  The running is the equivelent to mommy's happy pill or happy drink.

Have about 30 pounds to lose.

Have felt better this week than I can remember. I feel like I have my brain back.


TIA for any help you can provide.


  • Oh and I don't even know if the concentrated was appropriate for IF, but that's what I went with today. Figured I would find out tonight when I post and tomorrow on the scale. :???: 


    Oh and in 3 days I have lost 6 pounds. :-P  

  • Not perfect, but not too bad, it has a low carb and protein value, might as well use it up.



    Thanks Jason, should I attempt a certain amount of the concentrate or just stick with what I am doing?   I lost another 2 pounds from yesterday.  My concentration and sleep was better than normal.  With the understanding MCT is better, I am just trying to figure the best thing to do with what I have.

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