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Hey guys,

I've been on the BPIF for 5 months, and my fat loss has stalled and I'm considering going on the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol for a few weeks, to get it down. I'm currently sitting at around 15-16% and I want it to be less than 10%.

I have some familiarity with fasting. I did a 21 day water only fast 6 months ago, and lost 30lbs in 16 days (after that it stalled, and 5 days later I broke the fast). It was this fast that gave me the determination to lose more weight and change my life, and I have been on the BPIF for 5 months since then and have lost another 30lbs.

I guess what I'd like to know is, what are the chances of rebounding after going back to BPIF after the RFLP? I didn't rebound after the water fast, but I had a lot of weight to lose, and broke it with no-sugar veggie juice for 5 days, followed by 2 weeks of raw vegan, before switching to the BPIF.

Also, my girlfriend would like to try it too but her last blood labs showed some liver and kidney stress. I'd like to know how dangerous this would be in this situation. 

Her figures on those things are:

Liver enzymes:

ALT/SGPT: 41 (high)


Kidney Function:

BUN/Creatine Ratio: 22 (high)


When I did my 21 day water fast, my ALT was way higher, like almost 70, and I'm still here, better than ever, which might be a reckless thing to say, I may just be very lucky nothing bad happened.

Anyways, what's your advice? And has anyone done it before? I'm not really concerned about the experience side of it, as I said, I did a 21 day water only fast, so I know what it's like, what I'd like to know is what possible health consequences are, and what state it leaves your body in when you're done.



Edit: I found and am reading through the RFLP success stories or progress thread: http://forum.bulletproofexec.com/index.php?/topic/2623-rflp-success-stories-or-progress-reports/

Still interested in the health consequences, how your body is left after, and the risk level for my gf. Thx

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