Mct Making My Stomach Hurt?

I have been using mct oil for several months now, mostly in the form of BP Coffee, and it always seems to give me stomach pains. It's really similar to when I had a weak stomach lining and was getting extreme heartburn from when I had to be on a anti biotic for over a year... I am assuming it might be something related to that, but I heard Dave say on several podcasts that mct oil heals your gut.... Then why is it hurting me?


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    How much do you put? Have you tried using less? If not, use less, and see how it affects things. My girlfriend has the same problem when she puts too much.

  • It doesn't take too much.... Starts to get me at about a cap full.... Which is only like 2 tbsp. and I like about 3 in coffee....
  • Dave has also mentioned that grass-fed BUTTER heals the gut. Eat more butter : )

    Also for the stomach ache try taking some enzymes that help digest fat like LIPASE! Dave has suggested it on the podcast for people who get stomach aches from MCT Oil. 

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    Drop back down to 5ml (1 tbsp) and see if it improves. If it does stay on that dose for a week or so before moving up slowly. If it's still giving you issues, replace with 1-2 tsp of coconut oil in your BPC and see how that goes. Work backwards and heal up. Don't rush ;-)


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  • Try taking a capsule of Betaine HCL with your BPC. My gf had similar issues with MCT and butter and since taking this she has been able to double the amount of MCT she takes without feeling nauseous.

  • I appreciate the info, will try it out.

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