Too Little Fat, I Starve, Too Much And I'm Sick

I am absolutely loving the bulletproof coffee so far. Great mental clarity and focus!


However, I'm finding that doing just one tablespoon of grassfed butter and one tablespoon of MCT isn't enough to even keep me relatively satiated past 11AM. I was absolutely STARVING by noon. On the other hand, I tried about 3 tablespoons of butter and 3 tablespoons of MCT last Friday and this past Tuesday and I experienced bad stomach cramps, diarrhea and whatnot (sorry about the TMI). 


I really want to keep at this bulletproof coffee going for the benefits, but not sure if I should eir on the side of being really hungry, or try to increase my fat intake more slowly? Will I eventually get used to it an not have these gastrointestinal side effects?


  • OceanRayOceanRay
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    It takes time to get used to MCT oil for some people.

    Tomorrow, try 3 tbsps of butter, 1 tbsp MCT oil --- if that's ok - scale up the MCT oil slowly until you are used to it. 

  • If you're struggling with too much maybe try Betaine HCL, which I hear helps your stomach breakdown fats and stuff. Either that or try to eat the right amount of fat haha :P

  • katolotuskatolotus ✭✭✭
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    Are you sure you were absolutely STARVING?


    I doubt it very much. You need to feel the difference between an empty stomach, being hungry, needing to replenish fuel stores and being Starving. You more than likely just had an empty stomach and aren't used to the feeling. I doubt your body was shutting down due to lack of fuel.


    First World Problems again :wink:



    (please don't tell me your a stick thin african child who is actually starving)


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