Carb Back-Loading Affiliate Link

Hi everyone,

If you listened to the interview with John Kiefer on Carb Back-Loading, and you're interested in buying his (excellent) book, please consider using this affiliate link.

It's a great product, and Kiefer is an honorable and trustworthy guy.

If you're interested in the book, but you don't like affiliate links, here's a non-affiliate link to the same book:

Please post you're experiences using the program on the forum.




  • I bought and returned "CarbNite" as it was pretty elementary stuff that certainly wasn't bulletproof. I've heard CarbBackLoading is a much more mature product though.

    I think Kiefer is on to some good stuff, especially for those who are looking to build a weightlifter's physique and move beyond the general-health / BP world... I put some of that in the same category as endurance sports though...beyond a certain baseline of strength, there are likely diminishing returns for overall health.
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