Milk Cows — Handful Of Grain Per Day

There is a local farm where i can get raw milk and milk products. The cows are grass fed, the only problem is the farmer told me she gives the cows a handful of grain when they go in to milk. She says it is a comfort food and they need it to warm up.

What kind of effect will this have on the milk? Is a handful of grain a day enough to change anything? : see "Point 7 - What are the cows fed"




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    It may not seem like much, but you try eating a handful of something you're not supposed to eat and see how your health changes. :-D

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    Yeah that's a shame. But if it was, it would be even better!

  • kerrygold isn't 100%, or any of the other ones.


    It's not ???



    I was just about to post this.


    It says they have some wheat and cereal in yeo valley, i've been using this butter and wondered if I was in the wrong?


    I'm from UK, kerry gold unsalted is pretty much non-existant. might move over to rachel's.

  • I'm pretty sure even grass-fed cows would eat at least the equivalent of a handful of grass seeds or other seeds while they are grazing.

  • FWIW its the middle of winter here in Australia and I see cows on grass everywhere out of the city. Guess we are somewhat lucky here although I assume quite a bit of grain finishing goes on here. More than we are told anyway.

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