Opinions On Blood-Work Requested


Would anyone mind looking at my blood-work results and letting me know what you think?  Many of y'all are far more knowledgeable about these numbers than I am, and may ever be...


My health and fitness goals right now are primarily body-building and achieving/maintaining superior health, with an interest in kicking more ass...



Thanks in advance.



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  • Your TSH is elevated. You will be subclinically hypothyroid. Ideally it should be below 1.5 (and definitely below 2).  You should have a more comprehensive test to get to the bottom of it so that you can address the underlying problem. There may also be some contributory adrenal dysfunction as they tend to go hand in hand so you should also have a salivary ASI test.


    otherwise it all looks fine.

  • Thanks hackergirl!

  • oh and if you're hypothyroid your testosterone levels are probably low.  

  • My T-levels, according to a quick look around the Int3rwebz are about average for my age group.... maybe 2% lower than the average... doesn't seem drastic... not sure if the Doc will be willing to give me any testosterone prescriptions for such a small deviation.  I'll probably still ask.


    Part of my hope in posting this was to get some guidance about what to focus on when I go back to the doctor who I asked to order this work.

  • You may need to go armed with info on thyroid reference ranges. If your Dr is using outdated reference ranges he won't consider there to be a problem until your tsh is over 5



  • Just got back some new tests, went-in to ask about the higher TSH and only ended up with another TSH test and an antibody test....


    TSH is up from 3.27 in late June to 5.0 a week ago.... hmmm, red flag?


    Thyroperoxidase Ab is 8 kU/L



    Again, any opinions would be appreciated.


    I feel kinda' chapped that the doctor didn't order a T3/T4 free, reverse or whatever test(s)... seems to me those should have gone alongside an antibody test, no?

  • As of early November here, on the 9th, my TSH was 4.1.


    Any recommendations for what to ask the Doc for next?  Armour? Synthroid? Natural thyroid (like WP Thyroid)? T4 + T3?


    I read that subclinical hypothyroidism dosages for T4 were 1.0mcg/kg/day... sound good?

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