Bacon Fat

Ate 2 Beef patties,with(hopefully) properly cooked Bacon and poured the Bacon fat over everything..Now for whatever reason Every time I do this I always feel super sluggish afterwards.....does anyone else have this problem and any idea what it could be?


  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress

    Its the same reason you feel sluggish after sex. Bacon is that good. ;-)

  • I know from personal experience that it is very easy to over-do it when it comes to fat and/or protein. If I have a large meal and don't give it a change to setlle, I often find myself diving into the Lindt Chocolate or some coconut milk and end up feeling very lethargic afterwards. I notice that when having the same meals and giving it 10-15 minutes to settle, I often end up being content and feel amazing. I chalked it up to the same thing that Jason said, which is essentially a fat or protein overload, so I second his suggestion.

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