Rflp - Replacing Grass-Fed Butter With Avocado

Started my RFLP 9 days ago. Things looking great, already loss 16 pounds. Question, about eating kerrygold butter at 7pm is getting tiresome (sometime gagging). I'm wondering if I could replace it with a whole avocado, since it "fat" but not sure if it would be the same.







  • Ah, didn't think about the "carb" in avocado, maybe I should pass on that. What's the whole point doing this RFLP anyway, right? Coconut oil is an excellent idea. Purphas I could mix it with Kerrygold butter! Should add a little sweetness taste to it. Thanks.

  • Just had it, mixed Kerrygold Butter with Coconut Oil. Gagging...


    Going to look into further to see what I can substitute for grass-fed butter. I have another week in this RFLP.

  • Wow! Congrats on your accomplishments thus far. I am on day 5 and soooo sick of butter. If you figure out an alternative, please let me know. Cheers to you!

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