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  • Use this for calf, neck and back muscles (mostly upper and lower back). Takes a while to adjust to the pressure but after the initial 4 mins feels the time 20mins is over feels awesome. Be warned it does leave imprints on the skin and that is quite normal for acupressure of course.

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    I also got this today.




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    Excellent choice. Gotta let us know how you get on with your mat. We think it`s awesome and hope you do to.

  • I have done quite a bit of research and cross-shopping on memory foam mattresses recently. We had a conventional mattress that was completely useless. I was looking for a cost-effective, comparable quality alternative to the illustrious TempurPedic. After much deliberation, I went with a company called FoamByMail. It was fully customizeable between different density foam and also different thicknesses. They also offer free shipping. In the end, I got a similar quality to Tempurpedic for 1/4 the price and it even saved me a trip to the mattress store.


    We have been sleeping on it for a couple months now and couldn't be happier! We did have an issue where they forgot to pack a pillow that we ordered in the box, but customer service handled it promptly and efficiently.

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    So has the sleep improved?


    I slept in a normal bed over the weekend and it felt so much more uncomfortable after getting used to the memory foam! 


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  • So has the sleep improved?


    I slept in a normal bed over the weekend and it felt so much more uncomfortable after getting used to the memory foam! 


    Absolutely. I don't have anything other than my own perception to prove it, but I can definitely say that I feel much more refreshed in the A.M. and seem to fall asleep easier and stay asleep though the night more often.

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    that's great, I'm enjoying mine and would recommend one to anyone.


    Just need to christen it now ;-)


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    Updated and no longer have any chemicals, I need to call and double check but last time it had boric acid. Much cheaper than going to organic cotton, as long as it doesn't off gas it shouldn't matter that much.

    Everything I learned about "biohacking" has been baby steps to "circadian biology", that's where the real biohacking comes in. You can buy a bunch of cool shit to "hack" but if you don't have context, you're not winning. Paleo is just a brand now and too many have opinions, it's on you to read and reread the material to not only find truth but to connect the dots. Much love to everyone who has helped me on my journey for restoring my health, please keep in touch. Feel free to message me with health questions [email protected] 

  • I may be behind but it looks like this was just placed on the Bulletproof site today. Wondering if we will hear about it on the next podcast.



    At $15 bucks more just for the bulletproof branding I may purchase one of these. I am such a sucker for wanting to show off my BP habits!

  • Tempur. Definitely worth the investment! Toxic free. Can be dry steam cleaned. Last at least 10y. Meaning 10y of great sleep guarantee! Go with the pillows as well of course!

  • Guys....gotta disagree with y`all. Tempur is just too hot. It wraps around your body although in a natual way and makes you sweat at night. Maybe in a cold room it`s great IDK. Anyway as far as pillows go Dunlopillo is a great product for side sleepers as long as your not allergic to latex. No smell like the tempur either.

  • Your room should be cold for better sleep. I've had the heating off in my bedroom for years! Freezing getting into bed in the winter.


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  • Having a cold room is the only way I can stand my Tempurpedic.  

  • Just order an 8 inch Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress which has a 2 inch memory foam layer and a 6 inch reflex base foam. It's a double (4'6"x 6'3") and should be delivered in a couple of days time.


    Below is some of the advertising for buying a Memory Foam Mattress. Interesting read, looking forward to getting a even better ngihts sleep.





    What is Visco Elastic Memory Foam ?

    Back in the 1970's NASA set out to develop a material that would conform te exact body shape of the astronaut to reduce G-forces at time of take-off. NASA came up with an open-celled temperature sensitive Visco Elastic Memory Foam. Due to the remarkable pressure relieving features, the Memory Foam Mattress will help you get the deep restful sleep you need. The temperature sensitive Memory Foam Mattress will cradle your body in an unbeleivable out of this world comfort.


    Why you should buy a Memory Foam Mattress ?

    The unique charachteristics of this Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress provides a sleep surface that conforms to your body's shape and position. To do this, Visco Elastic Memory Foam responds to temperature and softens in warmer areas. The Memory Foam also reacts to the weight of your body, the result is a Luxurious Mattress that moulds to your body providing the most comfortable surface you can ever sleep on. When you wake up in the morning the memory foam will return to its original shape without distortion, ready for your next resful nights sleep.


    The health benefits are numerous and medical trials and extensive testimonials have proven that sleeping on a Memory Foam Mattress can help alleviate the following conditions.


    Back & Neck Pain â€“ Correct spinal alignment has many benefits.

    Headaches & Migraines â€“ Sufficient support will help neck muscles to relax, therefore preventing tension headaches.


    Pelvic & Hip Pain â€“ Reduces the risk of swollen hip joints or aching pelvic areas  by contouring to the body’s shape.

    Arthritis â€“ Less stress on joints can reduce pressure and help ease arthritic pain.


    Circulatory Problems â€“ The  weight of the body is absorbed  by the Memory Foam allowing the blood to circulate efficiently throughout the body preventing bed sores, swollen calves and feet.


    Allergies â€“ Our Memory Foam is dust-mite resistant and anti-microbial, ideal for asthma sufferers, showing immediate improvement.


    Pregnancy Support â€“ Our Memory Foam Mattress provides you unparalleled support wherever you require it the most. It cradles to your body shape, absorbing the weight giving you a more restful and comfortable sleep.


    Why people change from a Spring Mattress to a Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress


    The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (N.I.C.E) has recommended the use of Memory Foam Mattresses to the N.H.S. as a very effective way of increasing patients health benefits.


    A Normal Mattress would double its weight in 10 years as a result of being filled with dust mites, bed bugs and their waste.


    There are thousands of these creatures living in a Normal Mattress.


    The larger female bed bugs take repeated blood meals over several weeks, they lay upto 5 new eggs every day.


    Bed bugs live off sucking on human blood.


    Dust mites feed on human dead skin flakes.


    Dust Mites & Bed Bugs cannot live in a Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress as it is a closed cell structure and it cannot hold any dust particles.


    Asthmatics have one sworn enemy that science cannot defeat, the common Dust Mite


    People suffering from Asthma show immediate improvement with The Memory Foam Mattress.


    Katolotus How are you getting on with the mattress now? 

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    I use a roll up mat/bed that I ordered through Amazon. Thing is easy to travel with and can be stored away to free up more space in my room.

  • Hi Friends, I just had my long-hibernating herniated disc issues flare back up in a big way and I attribute this in part to my switch from a super-firm spring mattress to a new foam mattress from the company who's name is the friendly ghost ;)


    I'm getting ready to return it and go the quite drastic and radical route of creating a mattress made purely out of cotton and buckwheat hulls. I wanted to share it with the BP community as I had to literally google buckwheat mattress to find it and it's quite thoroughly under the radar. Check it out!  


    It's a modular system that you can expand as needed and they even developed their own bed frame kit to support the structure.




    You can see a lady making hers on youtube: 


    I just ordered the cot sized kit and plan on immediately adding enough material to create a king sized bed as long as my body seems to like it. It seems like a great solution that will provide perfect support and replicate the ground on which we evolved to slumber :)

  • Hey everyone,


    New to the forums, but I didn't see this mentioned in this thread yet and if i missed it my apologizes. You should check out sleepsherpa dot com(not associated with the website at all) the blog has a great selection of reviews of all the online mattress players. A good one to look at is 'bear mattress' they're catered to "athletes" and apparently the cover that they use helps with recovery. I haven't done much research on them yet as I'm in the early stages of purchasing a new mattress. I do have experience with a Casper mattress as that is what I currently own. I missed the opportunity to return it as I really wasn't in tune with my body to really understand whether the mattress was for me or not, and as the months passed I started to feel that the Casper wasn't that great but again others may have a different experience. But remember do your testing and make sure its the right fit because after the 100 days you might be out of luck.




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    Hey everyone,


    New to the forums, but I didn't see this mentioned in this thread yet and if i missed it my apologizes. You should check out sleepsherpa dot com (not associated with the website at all....


    i'll give you the benefit of the doubt B^2 even tho your first post does look a bit spammy :)  


    ...What did you not like about the Casper ?

    fake it till you make it

  • i'll give you the benefit of the doubt B^2 even tho your first post does look a bit spammy :)  


    ...What did you not like about the Casper ?


    haha. Theres other review sites like sleepopolis and sleeplikethedead :) 


    Initially I thought it was an incredible mattress, I came from a very old generic spring mattress. But I always felt the Casper was on the firmer side. I'm a side sleeper and a little on the heavy side(6'0, 250), and even with that it seemed to firm. I kept having back pain and random joint pain and I kept trying different things, new pillows, stretching, etc. Casper was nice enough to send me a topper to try and make it a little better which helped a bit. But even till now i'm still having some pain in my upper back so I'm exploring other options. The only reason I am now is because I went to Vegas and the hotel I stayed at had just a simple Beautyrest mattress and I felt great the next morning. So maybe for me foam wasn't the best option but live and learn. 

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    What ever you do, DO NOT get the original Tempur-pedic.

    My wife and I dropped nearly $5K on a Tempur-pedic with softer pillow top. Comfort-wise it is great. What is not so great is that the damn thing retains heat like nothing else I've ever seen; and not in a good way.

    Some women may say "well I'm always cold and would love a warm mattress"; nope - this is not a nice warm. It will make you hot - as in mywife and I hate the damn thing hot.

    We drop the temp of the house to 60 degrees at night during the winter and we have to sleep with nothing but a sheet on sometimes. It is not uncommon for my wife and I to wake up soaking in sweat once things warm up outside in the spring and summer. We used to have a goose down comforter on our old mattress, but had to get rid of it with the Tempur-pedic.

    It is my understanding that the design has been modified to be more "cooling"; but I'm not sure if that is all of their mattress models or only some of them. And, I'm not sure how good it works.

    If I could do it all over again, I'd get a high quality spring mattress. Forget this foam stuff. Awful.
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    Currently have a Tempur here in AU, it's been alright I suppose, maybe a bit hot, and i'm sure the frame I have it on isn't helping it comfort-wise (not great support from slats)


    Moving to NYC soon and so looking into what I should get for over there. So far my top 3 seem to be:

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience/thoughts on the above? The internet seems pretty enraptured with essentia from what i've seen.



    Owned their mattress for 10 years.

    Love their attention to detail.

    Have visited their super clean factory.

  • Hey, Take it from my personal point of view, many things you should consider before you buy a mattress and I suggest you take a look at this website for more help

  • I have read many mattress reviews blog like matter mattress , but i didn't find the great article over this topic. Every one is doing affiliate and making money. LoL.

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