3 Weeks In To The Bp - Some Thoughts

So, I've been following the protocols (or I should say, my understanding and adaptation of them) for around 3 weeks now and thought I'd share some of my experience.

First let me break down how I've been doing it.
  • BP coffee in the AM - MCT oil, 2-3T of butter, splash of coco-milk
  • lunch around 1-2p -- sometimes a raw egg and whey smoothie, sometimes veggies and meat
  • dinner between 6-8p -- meat and veg
  • I've been doing ~30-50g carbs/day 6 days a week, with one re-feed of 200g carbs once a week
  • I've been doing some low-level barefoot runs 2-3 times/wk for 20-30 mins (not much more strenuous than walking up a hill...working on strengthening the feet and connective bits and get some time in with friends)
  • Getting in one strength-training day per week
  • Generally walk around 1-3 miles/day just doing errands and being outside
  • I take Vitamin D (10-12K IU/day Thorne liquid), Vitamin K (Carlson 5mg/day), Mag, Vitamin C, HCl, Ashwaganda, and occassionally some melatonin before bed...maybe twice a week if I've had a stressful day. I've also been taken activated charcoal in between meals to help with detox.
  • Cold showers in the AM
  • Hitting 70-75% fat, 20-25% protein, 5-10% carbs
  • 95% on the green end of the BP diet except for cooking techniques...still figuring that one out
  • Only trace amounts of dairy, zero wheat/grains

My sleep has overall been very improved. My focus and overall stress levels at work have both improved. My mood and temperament is better. I've been more productive in the evenings and had more energy. The only niggling bit is my digestion is still a little...um...loose...probably still adapting to the Mag and MCT.

So, overall, things are going pretty well.

My only hangup is that I'm not seeming to lean-out at all. I've only lost 2 lbs this past month. I'm 6'4", 185lbs...but I'm not heavily muscled and I have a decent layer of flub I'm trying to tighten up. I've been down in the 170 range before and felt best there; and that's where I'd like to go again. When I was last there, I was doing heavy endurance sports and eating a raw vegan diet...which got me very lean, but ultimately wrecked my adrenals (along with the fact that I was doing shift-work at the time). I wasn't skinny-fat then either; I was lean and strong. Anyway, I'm hoping that's a place I can return to, except by doing it in a bulletproof way that doesn't wreck my other systems. Maybe that's wishful thinking and I just need to accept that being in the 12-15% BF range is ok? Hard to say...

Anyway, before I throw in the towell on all that, I'm going to try making some tweaks to how I've been doing things. I think it's possible I've been over-consuming on the fat and need to play with my macro ratios. Also, I think I need to kick it up a bit on the HIIT and weights...not increasing the overall amount I'm working out, but just being more purposeful with it. Adding in some hill-sprints or burpees. I'm also thinking I need to be sure to bump up the carbs on the workout days...there's a good chance my leptin isn't functioning properly and the low-carb has been hurting things even though I feel good on it and am not lacking in energy even with the minor amount of exercise I'm doing. I'm going to try dropping the butter in the coffee in the morning and see if that makes a difference. If I'm still functioning well on just coffee and MCT through till 1-2p for lunch, that might help things. Also going to try having some straight whey before my workouts instead of hitting them fasted. Which is combining in a bit of leangains...minus the cheesecake.

So, that's the plan. I'll give it another 2-3 weeks and see how things are progressing.


  • Nice man, your routine sounds pretty flawless... keep us posted on your results.
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    Looks good, I'm about a 2 weeks in, although I'm not completely bulletproof. I still get some dairy, although I tolerate it well, and I've had a evening each weekend where I drank some beers or ate some bread (so as to not insult the hospitality of friends.)

    The BP coffee has helped me with IF, I had tried IF before but never was able to pull it off. I always attributed it to the mental and physical demands of my work, but BP coffee has me on fire.

    Sounds like you're doing well and I think your idea to increase weights and HIIT is a good one. 6'4 and 185 sounds real skinny to me.

    Do you think the charcoal is having an effect... I havent used it.

  • Sounds like you're doing well and I think your idea to increase weights and HIIT is a good one. 6'4 and 185 sounds real skinny to me.

    Not necessarily. This is my brother at 6'1" and about 155-160#:


    Some guy's body structures can hide around 180-ish at 6' tall and thereabouts, but I really think 6' tall and 150 is a good standard for a runner. I repeat, for a runner.
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