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I know the food spectrum has grassfed butter and/or GHEE.   But i use ghee in my cooking and in my BP Coffee.  Is using ghee in the BP Coffee a no no?  Should i only be using grassfed butter?  (i do add the MCT)


Also, my coffee doesn't get foamy on top.  The oils separate a bit on top.  I have to stir then sip.  Is it because i'm using ghee instead of the butter?


When brewing the coffee, I use a french press, how many tablespoons of coarse coffee is everyone using?  I use 4 level tablespoons per 2 cups.


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    Ghee is better than butter but doesn't froth as well or taste as nice. You won't go wrong drinking it with grass-fed ghee.

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    I switched to Ghee for a week after a suspected issue with FODMAPs.

    Like ThatStevenBaker said, it doesn't froth as well, or taste as good and it also separates so if you leave it for a while, you have to reblend it, but it's ok. It just has this weird spice taste to it. I was using Grassfed Organic Ghee from Pure Indian Foods. I bought it on Amazon.

    It's better for you cause its pure fat without any milk solids, but it has its down sides as mentioned above.

  • Ghee is expensive and, as has been mentioned, doesn't taste nearly as good in BP coffee as grass-fed butter.


    The one real advantage ghee has over grass-fed butter is that you can leave it out of the fridge for three months and it won't spoil. It's good for people who travel a lot, I guess, as they don't always have access to fridges.

  • Oh good point! I'm flying overseas tomorrow. Maybe I'll take my ghee :)

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    Thanks folks!! Much appreciated.


    I never put my gee in the fridge but then again i've never had to keep it longer than 3 months.  I use Purity Farms.  Pretty good pricing on


    And how much coffee grounds per 8oz or water?  



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