A Bit Of A Rant About Local Butchers

I went to a new butcher shop in my area, and was initially very happy to see the words "grass-fed" prominently displayed on their cuts of meat.  The word "Natural" is part of the name of their business so when I went in I asked about their pork, was that naturally raised, no GMO's, etc. 


Well, apparently GMO must be a big part of how they raise their pigs because the butcher suddenly went on a tirade about how cows have 4 stomachs and that GM grains do no affect the meat (I was asking about pork, but oh well).  I had to ask, why do you promote grassfed then, if you don't think there's any difference?  He said it was because people liked it.


Can someone point me to some of the current reseach that does show there's a difference?  I'd like to forward it to their owner. 




  • Start here http://www.bulletproofexec.com/why-grass-fed-meat-is-healthier-than-grain-fed-an-epic-series/

    That is a series on why grassfed meat is better.

    That is exactly what I needed, thank you!

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    The poor guy has probably been brainwashed by various people from within the industry. The fact that he opened a butcher shop says something about him, hopefully you can help him see the light!

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    Anyone in the Chicago area should check out a shop called The Butcher & Larder. Completely legitimate old-style butcher. I've just moved to the area and my search for a quality butcher/charcuterie has been wholly satisfied by them. All pastured, grass-fed meats, you can order whole or half animals, ground to order, etc. All animals come from within two hours distance and if it is in their shop it was killed within the past few days. 

    Quality local butchers exist! 

  • Wow. I am pretty thankful to get 100% grass fed meat even when the butcher is closed at my local supermarket. In fact we have a chain of them, and their bottom rung meat is grain finished non-GMO organic. The latter rivals the standard price of big box meat, except for some sales, but a sale on garbage isn't worth it anyway.

    Plenty of links here so the "facts" straight from my head.

    #1 - the fatty acid in grain fed meat is the wrong kind, and not optimal for consumption. GF meat not only digests better, it's the kind we need. Have a food hangover after meat? It's probably grain fed.

    #2 - really my first alarm, studies show GMOs cause cancer, not maybe, they do. Except its hard to find studies on feedlot meet and GMO veggies cause Monsanto, big Agriculture, And government don't have it in their interest. Any study in the several countries where GMOS are illegal will show this. Heck, watch Food Inc, it does a great job explaining that e.coli finds its way into meat when cows eat grains. It's not something on the butcher block! It comes from the interaction of the cows stomach and the GRAINS they shouldn't be eating.

    #3 - grass fed is 9/10 a sustainable family ranch that BENEFITS the environment. Feedlots are harder on the farmer, harder on the cows and expensive on your long term health benefits.

    #4 - tell that butcher you'll shop there and support local businesses IF he supports a local business.

    #5 - Grass Fed tastes better, and it's better for you.

    Show me some links if I got some wrong here, I enjoy learning and its shy why I'm lurking :)
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