How To Exit Rapid Fat Loss Protocol Without Gaining Fat Back?

Hi I am currently on week 2 of the protocol (6 lbs down!) and will prob continue for1 week more. Any advice on an exit plan would be lovely. Should say that I have been paleo for 2 yrs now so I am used to i.f. and other key points of the bulletproof style of eating.


  • I'd go into regular BP fasting while keeping carbs pretty low and have 1 smaller refeed and slowly add some extra carbs everyday till you are where you want to be.

    Don't use scale weight to much though, a lot of what you will lose might be water, and once the water is back you might see a quick gain.
  • Thats the plan I was going to go with. Trevor do you think that the fat loss protocol is a lasting loss of fat or just a quick way to drop water and inflammation weight? I know that I shouldn't pay much attention to the scale but it is so hard for me not to...
  • No, you'll lose fat, but during the frist week it's almost all water, after that you will start losing fat and decresing inflammation more.

    You are better off to do pictures, measurements, BF%, and scale once a month or so.
  • Georgia - I lost over 6 lbs on a two week cycle on the RFL. All of it has stayed off since I moved to a ketogenic IF protocol. My advice is to not rebound, but transition into straight BP dieting.
  • I dropped 30lbs in 16 days on this protocol. I mostly attributed it to the fact I work moderately physical, job. I was good until the 3rd week. I made it 3 days after the refeed and gave up. After I quit, I went straight into bulletproof eating, with safe starches.
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