Japanese Wagyu Beef Discussion

I recently read a rediculous post by someone calling himself the meat guy on why grass fed beef is nonsense. Then, since I'm in Japan,

surrounded by 'high quality beef' which unusually find to be from cows that go outside at least a bit and eat a variety of veg and grains, never corn but usually some wheat. I feel pretty good eating and wonder about one of the meat guy's points which is that if cows can digest so well, then is some wheat that's not GMO, locally grown in Japan the end of the world? I can understand factory farmed American standards for beef, but is all the marbled beautiful cherry red meat I see here really packed with omega 6 and stripped of vitamins?


  • While it probably is less toxic than American feed lot beef it is still not ideal. Cows are not supposed to eat grains. If they are eating grains rather than grasses, wild greens, clover etc. then the composition of their fats is going to be completely different. This is part of the reason that if buying grain fed meat it is advised to eat the leanest cuts possible, but if buying animals that eat what they are supposed to you should eat fatty cuts (because the fats are actually good for you). The other reason is that the majority of toxins (from animals that do not eat their natural diet) is stored in the fat so that by eating the leanest cuts possible you can avoid a lot of them. When you are talking about Kobe or Wagyu beef they are extremely marbled with fat. While this does make them extremely tender (and delicious) it also makes it impossible to avoid the fat.

    If you know that it is not the best thing for you and you choose to eat it sometimes because you love it, then at least you are making an informed decision. Read this series on grassfed beef then make up your own mind - http://www.bulletproofexec.com/why-grass-fed-meat-is-healthier-than-grain-fed-an-epic-series/
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