Advice On Why I Am Not Seeing Any Weight Loss

So it's been about 50 days now that I have been following the bulletproof diet. I was vegetarian for 17 years and then vegan for 100 days and as my health declined I found this site and decided to give it a try. The first week I only added in butter and eggs, then fish occasionally, and in the last week and a half I have been eating some meat, more fish and eggs, and of course lots of butter. I have a BP coffee every morning and fast until about 12-1ish. Then lately I have been having eggs or fish and bacon, or a salad with eggs or fish, or sometimes just a salad with nuts for lunch. Dinner is generally either all veggies (if out at a restaurant and I ask for with butter) or else meat/fish and veg. Dessert is generally daily as either BP ice-cream, dark chocolate, or fruit with coconut butter. I have increased my fats dramatically and I haven't gained any weight in doing that so Im glad- I was a bit afraid I would. But I have also not lost even a pound. I feel much less bloated which I think happened when going off grains, but of course Im also comparing myself to my husband who has lost 15lbs and you can see some abs starting to come through. I am totally committed to continuing on but I really don't understand why I can't seem to lose any weight. I take supplements, and am getting my blood work done this week. Also my digestion isn't ideal. Sometimes I feel nausea after eating my lunch, and my bowels either move fast or slow.. which it wasn't like that before I started this. Anyone have any ideas wtf image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> Much appreciated!
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