Is Pasture Raised Heavy Wipping Cream Still Bulletproof?

I've been using this: for my coffee recently. It's pure butterfat. Is it still bulletproof?


  • It doesn't look like a bad choice. Its all fat, no protein and no carbs, so it shouldn't stop autophagy, or ketosis. Unfortunately it is pasteurized, and grass fed butter probably has better butyrate and K2 content.

    So while not bad, butter is probably a little better choice.
  • So if I can find some un-pasturized, pasture raised buttermilk, that would be ideal?

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    I would say that proper butter would be ideal. I do use heavy whipping cream in my coffee on occasion but butter is better for you. I don't know much about how buttermilk is made these days.


    If I'm having a berry type of treat I usually try to have some fat with it. Whipped cream is amazing! I'm able to find raw though and not everyone can...

  • I think plain, grass-fed unsalted butter will always be ideal. 


    But remember eating bulletproof is a process, it's about knowing what your nutritional goals are and then getting as close to them as possible. Having a bit of whipping cream every now and then is definitely not going to be the end of the world. Just be conscious that it moves you slightly away from the green side of the diet.


    You could simply just try it out and see how it goes. Maybe get some keto sticks or whatever people use to check for ketones now and see if it has any affect on that. You could start with just 1-2 cups of whipping cream instead of butter per week and see how it goes.

  • Just found a local grass-fed raw milk producer. Gonna make my own Ghee. I think that's about as bulletproof as I can get.

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