What To Do In The Morning To Replace Bulletproof Coffee For Pregnant Women

Hi Folks,  I'm going to copy/paste the same question I posted on one of Dave's article's a few minutes ago.  Hoping to get some definitive answer on this question.


Hi Dave and community,


I've got a very important problem that I'm hoping you can help me solve.

I've read a lot of information on your site and I have the Better Baby Book. My wife and I are following the Bulletpoof Diet. I have been following for a while but my wife just started a week ago. We are trying to get pregnant also and my wife may actually be pregnant now.

I just read in TBBB that she should avoid caffeine completely. I cannot find on this site or in TBBB specific advice on how to still follow the basic plan but replace the Bulletproof Coffee in the morning. There is lots of advice about what to and what not to eat but no specific advice about how to replace the morning BPC since she is advised to not have caffeine and I see it is not good for her to intermittent fast.

I hope this question is clear and has an easy answer.

Thanks for your time,.



  • I don't have the book in front of me right now but I'm pretty sure it also recommends to not have decaf even upgraded decaf.
  • By the way, unfortunately we haven't been able to afford the upgraded coffee so we are at least making a switch to organic beans until I can convince my wife to pay 5 times as much for upgraded beans.

  • upgraded decaf?

    I stand corrected.  After re-reading the section in the book I believe Upgraded Decaf would be ok.  Regular decaf, even organic, would be straight out because caffeine seems to be a natural anti-fungal which helps to reduce mycotoxin so in regular decaf the mycotoxin problem would be even worse.


    I have to assume upgraded decaf would thus be acceptable since it is supposed to be guaranteed free of mycotoxins.

    So now if we can afford to buy it she has an option to drink her coffee but there really doesn't seem to be a way around staying away from caffeine itself.  Sucks to be her in this case. :-(

  • Has anyone drank green tea or herbal tea with their GF-butter and MCT/Coconut oil?

  • Naturally non caffeinated herbal teas? Just throwing out ideas, I don't know crap about pregnancy.

    Yes, the book says herbal teas are ok, I always assume natural/organic.  Also, as I mentioned, even though it says not to have caffeine he mentions that his wife had 1 cup of green tea every day.  I just made my wife an 8 ounce cup of green tea with Kerrygold and Nutiva coconut oil.  Haven't made the leap to buy upgrade MCT oil yet.  Anyway, we will see how she says it tastes and I'll post back just for the record.

  • Well, she seems to like the green tea, 'bulletproofed'.  Again, hopefully, we will be able to invest in the upgraded MCT oil and coffee in the near future.  I've seen good results just using coconut oil and regular coffee but we've switched to organic coffee too so at least that is one step in a better direction.  We do use Kerrygold unsalted butter at least.

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    Do some research about the effects of tea on pregnancy before you dive in too much. Tea can block iron absorption plus it also has caffeine in it.

    When my wife was pregnant she was not allowed any tea at all (although that advice was from the same idiots that told me to start eating margarine instead of butter).


    My point is, don't blindly follow the book, do your own reading. Not implying that you are being a blind follower, but researching yourself is the right way to do it.


    As far as a BPC replacement, I've started making this smoothie for my wife (she's not pregnant anymore):

    Take the amount of butter you'd normally put in the coffee and pour a little boiling water over it in the blender. Swish it around until its melted then blend in a handful of frozen raspberries. Then a raw egg or two, MCT or coconut oil and maybe some cocoa powder. Blend again.


    EDIT: She's not pregnant anymore since we have a happy healthy 1 y/o daughter! :-D Just to clarify. Re-reading that sounded like it ended badly!

  • I've been wondering about this as well and even asked Dave about it.  He actually responded here on the forum but with a very short answer.


    My question:  Is bulletproof decaf good for pregnant/ lactating women?


    Dave's answer:  Decaf is not good for pregnant women, and may be ok for lactating, if baby doesn't get upset stomach or agitated from it.

  • i've made bulletproof red (rooibos) tea before...no caffeine and antioxidant rich.  it was really tasty and satisfying

  • #1 Rule - She MUST avoid caffeine. This is critical. It can hard the development of your child. Studies show 2 cups a day can cause brain development issues.


    #2 Rule - She MUST NOT do intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting can raise cortisol and epinephrine levels, and chronic exposure of your child to cortisol levels is BAD.


    #3 Rule - She needs to consume lots of healthy fats. Grass fed butter, MCT oil, all the healthy fats she possibly can. This is CRITICAL for brain development.

  • Lots of things to think about. My six year old is smart as a whip and she drank about 8oz conventonal coffee every day but I believe bad things COULD happen.

    If she can't have caffeine and shouldn't fast then I guess just eat the right foods as she wants them but she is wanting to lose body fat too...so in my experience that usually involves some calorie deficit. Once she gets pregnant then we will just worry about eating lots of the right foods.

    I've got my own program pretty dialed in but a woman who is or is trying to get pregnant I am at a loss.
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    I think that for women, it all changes if trying to get pregnant and being pregnant.


    I would think for those trying, I would do coffee(decaf) or smoothie with butter/mct until she knows for sure if pregnant. When pregnant, drop the coffee and really research into teas. I would do butter, hot water, mct oil and either upgraded chocolate powder or vanilla powder. You could even add warm full fat coconut milk instead of water...yum...sounds delicious just writing it. I may have to order some now just to try it!....For both trying and pregnant I would also do eggs/salmon and veggies for breakfast with the coffee, just not eggs every day. Its just that we are used to sweets and convenient foods for breakfast. Think more along the lines of steak with sauce made from raw egg yolk or asparagus with soft poached egg.  I think it would be important to eat BP carbs on a daily basis as well and try and get a lot of different veggies in for all the different nutrients. I would also add in the more BP fruits with good fats (like rasp/blueberries with young thai coconuts). Also...get some ice cream would be great for breakfast.


    That said...remember we are optimizing ourselves as best we can with the knowledge we currently have. When I was pregnant I was eating really clean, med carb but no where near BP. I didn't know about grass fed cattle/butter but knew the importance of organic and GF and I was lucky that as soon as I was pregnant I couldn't even walk into a coffee shop because of the smell. So, I didn't drink coffee!


    losing body fat shouldn't be a concern if you are trying to conceive*Edit(unless being overweight is part of the issue)....it is important for the body to know that it is not in danger and shut down. Just make sure even if losing weight, get lots of the good fats!

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  • Being in a caloric deficit prior to getting pregnant is fine, as long as it is not too much.

    The period before getting pregnant is a great time to prime yourself to get ready for carrying a baby.


    Cleaning, exercising, meditation, weight loss, all will improve chances of getting pregnant, as they all aid in optimizing hormone levels.


    With that being said, she needs to make sure to stop cleansing and eating in a deficit while pregnant. She can still exercise, just with less intensity, and less volume. Meditation is good no matter what.

  • This is really a great thread. Thanks for all the thoughtful comments.

    I agree with not being in a deficit when pregnant and still conducting mild exercise etc...

    My main concern is just how to eat in the morning prior to getting pregnant.

    It sounds like general consensus is to cut back/out coffee, be careful about teas and just try to eat bulletproof otherwise.

    I haven't been able to get the wife off coffee yet but she has cut down to 100ml organic coffee with 1tbsp GFB and 1/2 tbsp coconut oil. We eat lots of vegetables from the garden and organic spinach, wild salmon, grass fed/finished beef and pastures chicken/eggs so I think we are good there.
  • Btw, according to my wife's current weight/Body Fat %/age she needs 1500 calories a day to maintain and I have her at 1250 calories so 250cal deficit. That plus walking should give her healthy weight loss. It took a couple weeks to get her used to eating the right amount but she seems to be doing good now.

    Any concern there?
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