Bulletproof Eggs Benedict

Image: imgur.com/F3kdPED




Apple Vinegar

Grassfed Butter

Collard Greens and/or Kale

Sea Salt


Lemon Juice


Steam the Greens.


Poach the eggs using apple vinegar to help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMiCy8EH1go

(You don't need the cups, have some balls and break the eggs straight over the water)

After the eggs have poached, the greens should be done, lay the greens out, and put the poached eggs on a towel so they dry. 


Wipe off the pan from the eggs and melt the butter in it on medium low. After the butter melts add a scoop of Collagen. Mix the collagen in the butter, I haven't been able to make it look perfectly smooth, it ends up stringy with almost the exact same texture as melted cheese (pretty sure collagen could be used for a solid cheese substitute, if anyone wants to invest in this send me a P.M.).


Add a squeeze of lemon juice to the mix, put the poached eggs on the greens and drizzle your "hollandaise" sauce on top.


Bon Appetit!




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