Opinions, Please, On Dried Coconut



I really want to get this diet straight, because in the Shopping Guide Dave writes about "Coconut flesh" as a source for fats and oils but later under the nuts & seeds-section: "1. Coconut (fresh, young is best, followed by dried)".


Ive learned to recognize moldy coconuts from youtube (where else?) and its very hard to find one with deep, black holes in it, so I'm hesitant to resort to dried coconut-flakes in a bag but it seems like it can be a good idea! I would absolutely buy the organic kind (unless Auschwitz-times hit) and possibly call the manufacturer for questions about any chemicals added during the processing but what do you guys an' gals think?


Thanks, by the way!


From Éstocólmo, Adam!


First Edit: I just remembered that some health-food store sell coconut-flesh! That'd definitely be an option.


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