Bulletproof Coffee In The Field

I started listening to the podcast several weeks ago, and have made bulletproof coffee a regular part of my diet.  I love the sustained energy and mental clarity it gives me.


I'm going to be spending two weeks in the field at Ft Sill, starting this Friday.  We will have MREs for part of the evolution, and hot chow for part.  Coffee is a military staple, but I am unsure how I will make bulletproof coffee out there.  Pretty much everything I will take has to fit in my pack, and be without refrigeration - ruling out taking butter with me or stuffing a huge jar of coconut oil in my pack.


Does anyone have any ideas for how I can either improve the crappy coffee that is available, or an alternative food/drink source that helps me get the same fat-based energy boost in the morning?  I want to be able to take care of my Marines well, and MREs are the pits.


Thanks in advance!



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