Hacking Hyperthyroidism

Hi all

Ive been paleo/almost BP for several months now and its really working for me in terms of energy and how I feel, however ive always had difficultly getting to sleeping (average time is probably somewhere near 45 to 60 mins to drop) and staying asleep (I tend to wake at least once during the night). I was hoping the cleaner diet would help with this, but not a lot has changed since going BP.

Ive had a some blood tests over the past few months and my TSH is low whilst my Free T4 and Free T3 are towards the upper end of the healthy range. I understand this indicates mild hyperthyroidism.

Just wondering if anyone has and hacks for improving sleep with this condition - ive tried Pzizz, but it doesnt really seem to make much difference for me unfortunately.
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