L- Glutamine Question


I have fallen off the wagon lately concerning food. I've always had food addiction problems and I took a very stressful job for a month and massively gained some weight because I used food as a way to cope, etc. Before I took the job I had started taking glutamine and I noticed it stopped alot of my cravings to over indulge in food. It seemed to work like some kind of weird magic I didnt expect as I originally started taking it to help with muscle fatigue after working out. But then I noticed my late night cravings were gone when I would take it. My question is how much can I take of this supplement. I am female and weigh around 165 now due to all the binge eating. Is there a limit on how much to take. I wont go crazy on it by any means but the directions say a tsp twice a day, I was wondering if taking more would make a difference? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

(p.s.) whats weird is i just took a tsp now, its 7pm and I really wanted to binge and like magic it qwelled the desire. I find this totally weird...


  • Hey,

    I remember Dave writing about keeping l-glut amine intake <40 grams/day in the rapid fat loss protocol series of posts... You would have to be really trying to have that much image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    I was having a lot of it when I did the RFLP for a couple weeks and I noticed the same effect on cravings. My other main weapon was a pinch of salt.

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  • pinch of salt? I never thought of that. Thanks for the info, I was having weigh less then 40 grams and I was a little nervous about increasing it. But now I am going to try it.
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