Bulletproof Diet --> Intolerance-Ville?

So this is a tricky subject, and one that keeps me not quite fully on the Paleo/BP/Upgraded wagon.

Let's say we are operating at 60% now. Digestion is fine with some hiccups. Brain is OK. Sleep is decent. Maybe if on a mostly unprocessed diet we are even at 80% but are not following the Upgraded protocols to avoid toxins and et cetera.

So then you go Upgraded/BP. You lose some excess fat. You train your brain. You feel energized and alert and productive, maybe 99% of potential. You can sleep better and less. You do better at work.

But you're a hot house flower, only blooming in the perfect environment. BOY do you bloom!


- If you have bites of a bad food, or even an otherwise decent but toxin-heavy food, you will take a beating.

- Not vetted coffee makes you feel poopy.

- Social outings are navigable with planning at best, very awkward at worst

- Regimented schedule of supplements to augment food and/or help displace bad effects of sketchy foods.

Does anyone have thoughts on this?

Basically you perform/feel much better but you are actually more delicate to the wrong kinds of inputs. Like Superman in a sea of amorphous Kryptonite.


  • I don't have any answer to this.

    What are the psychosomatic effects? What is real? What is placebo? Would we all be better off if we "satisficed" instead of trying to "maximize" everything with our diet and general hacking?

    I'm of two minds on this one...
  • Exactly. I posed the question because I also wrestle with it.

    In some parts of our lives (or phases of our lives?) it is desirable to live on the edge - maximal performance but always treading that line of breakdown. Other times (maybe most of the time) the natural tendency is to just "get along". I think living a life of really big ups and equally devastating downs could work great for some (or for some of us for a little while), but maybe it is its own kind of stressor and damage agent in other personality types. Like having to use an Indy car AND ALL ITS ABILITIES as your daily driver.

    Really, really interesting to contemplate. So that's why I hope to get some discussion going. image/icon_e_smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':smile:' />
  • Stress about it will trump the benefits so please don't stress about it-but maybe you aren't and just want to discuss. Based on my experience and that of others that I know of, over time, as your gut gets stronger, so you don't react as bad as you do in the middle stages. Personally, I used the BPD as a guide for my already Paleo diet. I know it can be better but the stress in getting there with my current lifestyle is just not there for me yet.
  • Not acutely stressing, thankfully. I recognize there is a difference between the gut healing itself after years of abuse, and the potential new sensitivity to foods and nutrients. Dave himself has said that if he eats a food with high(er) mycotoxins he WILL FEEL IT - now is that not supersensitivity?

    I think I might need to put a disclaimer on every one of these posts - I am not trying to kick the legs out from underneath Upgraded/Bulletproof. I want to have a real discussion of the trade-offs that seem to be necessary and how folks are handling them.
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    Its such a "pick your poison" sort of deal, I think. For me, what I know is whether I can feel the untoward effects of a food or not, knowing that it will have untoward effects on my body helps me to decide if I REALLY want to indulge in X food/x behavior, and I know if I do make the choice to indulge then no whining allowed! :}

    It is a good question, and for me (as far as it IS up to me) this is an investment on the front end for being able to be as fully functional and on my own, making my own decisions, and cruising along as an oldie, for as long as I get to live. Not having children (not that having children actually assures you of care you would prefer, understandably) I find being a "ward of the state" essentially in my older years kind of a discouraging thought, you know?
  • I haven't thought about this whole idea a lot myself, but here's my perspective. I feel better, more motivated, more focused, etc. when I'm bulletproof/paleo and I notice that. That being said, it is really tough, at least for me, to be 100% compliant and still enjoy social interactions. Can I have a drink? Is that meat grassfed? (it's not) What about that speical dish at Thanksgiving? etc. If I'm worrying about all those things, I can't relax and just enjoy myself with my family and friends. My strategy is pretty simple: Make it work the best possible given the situation and don't sweat it.

    I recognize there is a difference between the gut healing itself after years of abuse, and the potential new sensitivity to foods and nutrients. Dave himself has said that if he eats a food with high(er) mycotoxins he WILL FEEL IT - now is that not supersensitivity?

    My theory about this is that Dave feels it, and anyone eating and living better feels it when they jump off the boat, not because they are now super sensitive to mycotoxins or other stressors, but because they have been performing exceedingly well and now are back down to where the vast majority of people are. I don't think I'm any more sensitive to any of this stuff than the average person. I'm just accostumed to not suffering from it whereas for most people that's their baseline.

    SOmetimes I think cheating a little is good, because it remotivates me to stick to a bulletproof protocol. After a night out a couple weeks ago with a few drinks and a nasty cheeseburger at 3am, I woke up and felt like sh*t. It was sort of a good psychological reminder as to why I try to eat/live bulletproof/paleo.

    BTW, bulletproof coffee is AWESOME for hangovers.
  • This thread reminds ome of the Married With Children episode when Peg wins personal training with Jim Jupiter, healthiest man in Chicago, and they end up killing him with the food they eat.
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    Reviving a rotten thread image/icon_e_smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-)' /> Such a cool topic. Anyone else wanna chip in?
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