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Hey guys,

My girlfriend was doing ok on the RFLP until last night where she had a vomiting and anxiety fit. She's on day 3 now and we're considering stopping it if she has any more issues.

I'm wondering if it could have to do with the toxins stored in her fat being brought back out. For instance, she gained a lot of weight a few years ago after taking a certain anti-depressant and I was wondering if what is coming out of her fat that was put in during that time might be retriggering symptoms of anxiety and such.

I know I'm clutching at straws here but my intuition is saying it could have something to do with it.

Alternatively her body could just be freaking out because it is starving, and this is what happens in the first few days of a fast, which is what the RFLP is but with butter and toxin binding things such as charcoal.

Any thoughts?



  • Mikey


    Use some activated charcoal to help with removal and adsorption of toxins, make sure your girlfriend drinks a good amount of water to help the kidneys clear out any toxins in her blood and also to ensure the activated charcoal gets processed easily through the intestines.


    I am quite fit and my diet was reasonable and I also suffered from feeling ill, I had symptoms for 3 or 4 days but once that was over I felt a lot better. She will feel ill initially and it is expected so don't give up, how long this is for depends on a lot of factors


    To help her process the higher saturated fat intake get some Lipase and HCL, on the BP podcast 13 there are links to Now food enzymes and Ox bile. The Ox bile and food enzymes will kickstart her body to help it process the higher fat in take and also help her liver to work better to detoxify the body.


    As I dont know how long she was on medication I cannot say how this will affect her body and how long it is stored in her tissue. I am also not Dr so making suggestions on own experience and listening through all the podcasts.


    I hope this helps and keep us updated, day 3 is only the start. Once you both get over this your energy levels will go up dramatically, mine did and it is amazing to have the energised feeling.

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    Hey pegleg, thanks for the response!

    We're following the example day that is listed on the RFLP page, so she is taking a good amount of activated charcoal. I will check that she's drinking enough water though.

    I've done an extended water-only fast that ended up going for 21 days, so I assumed it could be the initial hunger pangs that's making her body freak out too.

    She is on day 3 of the RFLP and I'm on week 3, day 3, so I'm doing fine. I assume my body is more acclimated due to previous fasts.

    I'll check out the podcast you mentioned and look at getting those enzymes. We're currently taking a capsule of NOW Betaine HCL with our butter coffees.

    Our schedule looks like this:




    Some Upgraded Glutathione

    1tsp Pink Himalayan Salt in 16oz of water


    1hr later/10am

    Bulletproof Coffee

    Vitamin D3 – 10,000IU

    Betaine HCL

    BCCAs – 5g

    Vitamin C – 1g

    Krill Oil – 1000mg

    Vitamin K2 Complex – 2000mcg


    3hrs later/1pm

    2-4 capsules Activated Charcoal


    1hr later/2pm

    L-Glutamine – 10g to 20g (if low on energy)


    2hrs later/4pm

    ½ cup of Bulletproof Coffee

    1 capsule Betaine HCL


    3hrs later/7pm

    BCCAs – 5g


    2hrs later/9pm

    2-4 capsules Activated Charcoal


    1hr later/10pm

    Eat some butter or ½ a cup decaf BPC

    1 capsule Betaine HCL


    2hrs later/12am

    Magnesium 500mg

    Potassium 200mg


    Wake and sleep time vary for us depending on the day, so we try to keep the hours between things the same.

    Also, she's been on the BP IF for 3 months and had been having some issues with butter and MCT and the Betaine HCL seems to have helped with that. We'll tough it out (or she will, rather) and see if she feels better in a couple of days.

    On the day she got sick, she did eat a lot more butter than usual cause she was starving, so you're probably right about needing more enzymes and maybe Ox bile. 

    Thanks again!

  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress ✭✭

    I was gagging at the sight of butter by day 3, there might just be some psychological stuff going on as well.

  • I think so too.

    She's getting acid though from the Betaine HCL. We might get some lipase and see how that helps, as well as the NOW Enzymes, and maybe Ox bile.

    We take Dave's glutathione, but will try taking some NAC to help the liver produce it's own glutathione too.

  • I don't know about your girlfriends sensitivities and what she takes, but when I last lost a lot of weight I got really sick once or twice a month - symptoms were vomiting, dizzyness and fever for around 2 days. A lot of nausea as well. After having this problem for months the correlation came that during the 7 days when I wasn't taking the contraceptive pill I felt much better. The doctor said that the ingredients of the pill get stored in fat, and if you are already sensitive to the pill and start burning fat as well, then you will get quite sick.

    I moved to the progesterone only pill after that and the problem went away.
  • She's off the pill completely but she was on it constantly for a couple of years, so I guess she's gotta deal with that stuff coming out now too (the pill chemicals).

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