Bulletproofing An Upcoming Tournament

Hey everyone!

I have an upcoming tennis tournament and I'm wondering if anyone has experimented with different bulletproof methods for optimal performance. From Friday evening to Sunday evening I will be playing somewhere between 6-10 tennis matches. Obviously, I'm familiar with the widely accepted concepts of carb loading (no longer pasta for me!) and a crap ton of bananas. My training during the week of will most likely consist of primarily just more tennis and yoga (so no weight training). My 4 biggest questions are:

1) How much time should be spent in ketosis, 

2) What's the best way to refuel in between matches, 

3) In between matches, what's the best way to help keep my shoulder bursitis/rotator cuff tendonitis under control, and

4) Any opinions on creatine the week of a competition/during a competition?


Keep in mind I work full time (8:30-5:30) everyday, so the mental benefits from ketosis are much loved. 


If I were to answer the questions, I'd say:

1) BP coffee in the morning and remain in ketosis until lunch (about 12:30-1) and then load up on some sweet potatoes, white rice, bananas, etc

2) I'll be having l-glutamine and bcaa's ready after each match and most likely some protein (most likely whey over collagen for it's fast acting nature even though I'd prefer the anti-inflammatory effects of the collagen). I'll probably also have some sea salt in my bag to put in my water as a replacement for gatorade. Any opinions on amounts of all of these will be highly appreciated. I also need to buy bcaa's, so I wouldn't mind some suggestions on favorite brands.

3) Obviously icing and stretching, but not 100% sure on other methods. Most likely would take serrapeptase. Can't think of anything else.

4) I'm clueless. I would assume it would help with recovery, but would the extra water weight decrease my performance?


Also, if you have any other tips or suggestions, that would help a lot. 


Thanks in advance, everyone!


  • An update if anyone is still willing to help (I'd love to have help!) is that on Saturday, I'm playing matches at 8am, 11, 1:30pm, and 4. Most of the matches would be between 75-120 minutes, leaving me with around an hour or so in between each.

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