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So some of you may be familiar with the book "Biology of Belief" by Dr. Bruce Lipton. (Its even on the BP read list)

I have not read the book but I have watched several lectures by Dr. Lipton on the web. It is absolutely amazing material and I highly recommend you all watch it or read the book. (i assume the contents are generally the same)

On one of the videos I watched after Dr. Lipton's lecture a guy named Rob Williams spoke about a program he developed called "Psy-K" this program worked in tandem with Dr. Liptons research and in a nut shell "You could re-write programming" through a series of "muscle testing" affirmations and some various body poses. It may seem nuts to read but it was compelling to watch, and the idea is definitely what I would consider a "bio-hack"

So my question is basically has anyone else heard of Psy-K? What are your thoughts?

I found some instructors close to my area and my wife and I are interested in taking a workshop, but at 350$ I'm looking to find out if this is a good investment or just another kooky scam..

Thanks for any movement on this topic as I figure if this is a legit protocol it would be extremely useful in the bio-hacking community and could certainly aid in bullet-poofitivity.




google: Psychology of Change and Biology of change (i would embed but im getting a 'media' error..


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    I just asked the same question to Dave on yesterday's very curious to hear their response.

    Are you familiar with Rick Hanson? He wrote "Buddha's Brain" and has a number of audio products available through SoundsTrue and a book on re-wiring your brain through entraining positive experiences and states of mind. I enjoy his guided meditations on this stuff, but I'm not sure it is the most effective method available. The neuroscience and contemplative practice theory behind it is pretty sound though and definitely lines up with Lipton's Biological basis..

  • dpwdan,

    I have not heard of Rick Hanson, but I will check it out!
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    I am also currently listening to The Female Brain and The Male Brain by Louann Brizendine... Along the same lines as Liptons work, this information is pretty remarkable.. i kind of consider it "relationship hacking' ...

    I think Dr. Brizendine would be an EXCELLENT interview subject for the podcast especially if/when Dave devotes a show to the upcoming "Better Baby Book"

    I really would like to see what Dr. Brizendine's opinion of paleo is in regards to developmental endocrinology and neurology.. I think her work could be a great contribution to the paleo/primal/BP community...

  • One other suggestions would be "ACT" (Acceptance Commitment Therapy), pioneered by Stephen Hayes. Russel Harris probably has the most approachable books on it: The Happiness Trap and The Confidence Gap. Really good stuff in my opinion; and I am pretty well read in the realms of nonduality, Buddhism, CBT, and neuroscience.

    YouTube interview with Harris:

    I find his exercises to be pretty eye-opening...not sure how it would differ from Psy-K though...
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