Still No Answer On Dave's Collagen Type!

I ran a search on the forum, looked through Dave's articles and then even sent a question to the BP team (with no response), and I still have no idea which type of collagen Upgraded Collagen is. Type 1&3 or type 2?


I'd really like to know, because, depending on what type that the Upgraded collagen is, I would like to supplement it with the other type(s) of collagen.


Does anyone know the answer to this?

Massachusetts Bulletproof Resources! (Local BP resources for food/vitamins, meditation, bio-hacking/tech-centers, etc.)

If you know of a local resource that I haven't listed, or have a warning for known local health scams or bad "BP" businesses, please PM me.

If it's a good resource, I'll add it to the master-list (I was inspired by suntoucher & Ron Swanson.)



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