Biohacking My Life

I just joined this forum, but I have been on here reading and learning for about a months now.

I just seriously started getting into biohacking and the changes I have been implementing in my life has helped me see where the process itself can take me. 



Now who am I? 

Im a 24 year old engineering student and family man from scandinavia and I have always had a intresst in bio-technology. 

Until about a year ago I never though much about excercising or chosing the right foods to eat, I was very ignorant and self loathing in that way. I have had a underfuctioning thyroid condition since I was small and I still take medication to help with this, but this is condition have been the cause of much stress and sickness in my life and utlimately it and the very good advice from friends has led me here to this forum and set me on the path I am on today. 




The Biohacks I have been implementing into my life so far:


1. Started going on the bulletproof diet and BP coffe.

2. Got into exercising (Taking advice from the JRE podcast)

3. Got into meditation Shinzen young style. 

4. Started and compleated 1 run of Eban pagans Mindcontroll program. 

5. Learning mindmaping from Tony buzans books I started mindmapping as a system. 

6. Researching BIohacking and putting it down on a mindmap

7. Developed a Goal oriented System to implementing biohacks into my life and to See/messure their results.   

8. Started a journal to be able to quantify results 

9. Exploring diffrent styles of Yoga. 

10. Research and buy the right supplements. 


Since I have started this process I am more organized then I have ever been. I feel stronger, faster, smarter, more creative and more in touch with myself then ever before and I cant wait to see where this journey will take me next.



  • Could you please explain what numbers 4 & 5 are? Its sounds interesting

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