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Hey just wondering where people from the lower mainland get their beef? I have a place in Langley I goto, but the beef is grain finished. Not sure how adversely this effects the meat so if anyone could speak to that, it would be appreciated ! 



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    Meridian Meats in Langley has grass fed beef and grass fed lamb.


    They advertise as "free range" but on their website they assure you it's grass fed. I have also talked to the company directors and they assure me it's grass fed and NEVER fed any grains.

  • Mr. Meats, or Market Meats, whatever it's called in Kitsilano (at 4th and Vine) sells grass-fed and finished beef.

  • Hey Jason T, just a heads-up, I talked to the guys you recommended, and all their beef is aged... the Bulletproof recommendation is to have the meat slaughtered, bled, and frozen as soon as possible.

  • Anyone know anywhere in the downtown area? I'm new here and without a car. I went to whole foods and they had like 2 pieces of beef. all grain fed. I'm used to a HUGE selection at the whole foods I went to in the states. being downtown is terrible for paleo/bulletproof/even gluten-free!

  • Meridian Meats in the only place I know that sells Grass Fed/Grass Finished Beef in the lower mainland. They have locations in Maple Ridge, Langley, White Rock and Port Coquitlam. They advertise it as Free Range but it seems to be legit Grass Fed/Grass Finished 365 days a year. Now it is true that it's aged but I feel that you gotta gauge it from a scale

    Grain Fed/Grain Finished aged 48 days would be the worst

    Fully Pastured And hung for the minimum would be ideal

    But for the convienence of getting it from a butcher shop and for a good price I think its the best your gonna find.

    If you want to upgrade your meat from there you could put in a special order at somewhere like

    I plan on ordering a half cow from them this November so im stokked on that. hope this helps


  • I don't suppose you can get meat raised in Washington State over the border very easily.  I got mine from a rancher named Dave Steele, who owns Forest Cattle, in Skagit County, WA (50 miles or so from the Canadian border).  It is butchered locally near where I live and I know it wasn't aged much because we got it done pretty fast after my brother and I ordered a half cow.  I'll bet they would butcher in Bellingham.


  • There is actually quite a few places that sell grass fed meat here in BC, I have created a site for myself recently: where the core focus is on grass fed products. One of my projects is creating a "directory" that lists all the places that sell grass fed meat in the lower mainland, and in BC.


    The Grassfed Directory


    I am actually visiting and documenting all my trips with photos and write-ups, as well as seeking contact and meetings with the owners. I will have a LOT of articles and content coming up on both the struggle and the fight for grass fed products up here in BC. 

    It is difficult for us both due to climate and regulations, I would encourage anyone up here who is solidly vested in the choice of grass fed meat, to buy a 1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 cow off farmer's here in our own province. I also have a grass fed bison farm I visited a few weeks back, and will be adding them to the directory this week.

    It's time to get grassfed baby!


    Check out my YouTube channel!


    And maybe check out my barely ever updated but soon to be updated site:

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