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Hello all first post here! I have been emwaving for 10-20 minutes a day for the last 3 weeks and have already seen huge drop in anxiety as well improvement in my focus, happiness, and overall well-being. I've even noticed that my 6 month old nephew smiles at me now when i see him while before he wouldn't even let me get near him  which is what sold me on this product. Everything else just seems to be naturally attracted to me with my wealth and relationships with other people. I am posting this to see a little more in depth of what people focus on when they are doing an hrv session. What I've found helps me is I do the heart focus, heart focused breathing, then I think of saying hello to everyone I know (including people who I have a difficult time getting along with) and everybody reacting in a positive way. Does anyone else have any certain technique they try to focus on to increase their coherence? thanks!



  • I've been working with the Inner Balance app for the last 4 days.   Level 1 & 2 went quickly for me, pacing my breath is something I learned from yoga/pranayama.  Level 3 has definitely taken it up a notch for me.


    Last night as I was practicing I was watching the mandala expand and contract it reminded me of how the breath moves in pranayama. The mandala was a visual reminder to let my breath widen and touch the side ribs.  As the breath rises the ribs move laterally to the sides, horizontal expansion, and then the sternum bone lifts, connecting the sternum bone to the skin on top of the sternum.  So essentially, with inhalation we're very consciously lifting and expanding, rib by rib, pulling the breath up to the level of the heart. 


    It's taught not to drop the sternum as you exhale, but to keep it lifted, so you retain the lift into the heart.   This has really helped me stay in coherence, yesterday  had my highest level at level three, 6.1, and 740 achievement for my 10 min session. 


    Another "hack" discovered last night was that I could sustain a much longer focus if I felt  the intrinsic qualities of the heart rather than using  a memory.  Focusing on the natural energy of heart, being with that, feeling it, then let my mind "rest" there.  

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    Great idea, might be worth merging it with my review of the Inner Balance. Be good to get everything in once place and all the interested people in once place instead of following a few threads relating to the same thing. Or worse, someone with valuable input not following one of the threads where their input would positively impact someone's life!



    My mind wanders way too much in my 10 min session. I start trying to concentrate on one thing, either mental or physical (as in my breathing, heart, ribs, smoothness of my inward and outward breathe etc) and within 30 secs I'm thinking about something totally different and random. sometimes it increases or decrease coherence level, sometimes it stays the same. 




    Gonna trying the breathing technique mentioned above. Stopping my mind wandering is another matter, 10 mins is a long time in my shoes :wink:


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    Katolotus, I posted my experience here as the OP had asked for certain techniques, I'll be happy to post on the main thread too, if you think it will be helpful.


    As to focus, years ago I read Anna Wise "The High Performance Mind", the one technique she taught that I still use today is to relax your tongue, let your tongue rest along the floor of your mouth.  (Rather than staying pressed up against the hard palate.) The tongue and the internal dialog are very much connected; when the tongue is pressed up against the hard palate it's as if it's on pause, ready to jump and respond to the direction of the mind.  So by unplugging that connection, you can quiet down the internal dialog.

  • Is it okay to use the Emwave 2 while LAYING IN BED? i do that all the time

  • Is it okay to use the Emwave 2 while LAYING IN BED? i do that all the time



    No, it is not okay. It's forbidden:mrgreen:

  • Hello there!


    I've found that I manage to stay in medium or high coherence while standing or sitting on my knee.


    I do that and adopt the 5sec breath in - 5 sec breath out rythm, as it's the best to increase HRV.


    Try it and keep us update

  • Outside the great physiology tips here, I like to focus on the things that make me happy (it's obvious, but works).


    Things like my family, my dog, my favorite food, something beautiful - anything that I am grateful for.

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    I usually think about the sensations of my body and my breathing... HOWEVER I think that the information in this video is pretty great to think about between sessions. It's been reminding me to "tune in" to coherence during the day:


  • I am awaiting my first EmWave2 on Monday, cant wait - great thread, thanks for the tips.

  • Here's a great heart based meditation, exactly ten minutes long.
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    It's worth every penny, TBH, IMHO, IYAM, FWIW.

    I am awaiting my first EmWave2 on Monday, cant wait

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    I try to keep myself entertained during the emwave sessions and go progressively into them.


    I use two main types of breathign visualisation.

    - With the mandala expansions I imagine my heart and subsecuently the rest of my body expanding and contracting. Like if there was a blowhole in the front of the chest to the back of the ribcage and transforming into a whole body breathing. Imagining basically almost like I take air in and out from a blowhole in the sternum.

    - Second visualisaiton I do it with the up and down pacer. I try to circulate breath through the microcosmic orb. When the pacer goes down I inhale air from the top of my head into my pelvis, relaxing the anterior body, allowing the flow of air/prana. And on the exhale when the marker goes up I exhale and allow the wave or breath/heat to go up my spine and shoot thorugh the top of my head, cleaning the passage each time it traverses. Read up on the microcosmic orb for visualisation, it keeps energy flowing

    - And the third technique is obviously a freestyle trying to feel like Im being breathed and imagining the most natural/soft way to breathe


    Here is a diagram of the microcosmic orb



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    Another thing I have played around lately is doing a few reps of breathing with double in double out to get into slower breathing paces.


    For me playing with breathing, focus and softness for 10 minutes while looking at graphics really calms me down and I get subtle results long after the session is finished.


    The feedback mechnaism is there to keep you focused on the goal and not start to cheat yourself going less than 100%. The mind will do it after time, just like in meditation where when you've been at it for a while you will realise the mind has figured out new ways to be active, you then have to go to the next level.


    Ultimately the HRV training is a mini version of what meditation is but its more accessible and focused for most. It is an elegant combination of breathing, biofeedback, meditation, getting out of your head... Meditation goes deeper tho

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    I love my EM Wave 2, only got it today and cant stop using the thing.  


    Already noticed some common triggers of stress that have not been a problem tonight  - the possibilities are limitless!


    Is there a way to set it up so that when you switch it on it automatically goes into stealth mode?


    Cateye, I love your approach to EM Wave as it resonates with my own spiritual path.


    But seriously, I will never ever forget the phrases "sperm palace" or "sacral pump" again - hilarious!



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