Thanks From A Tire Fitter In Sweden.

Okay, I've been meaning to make this post for a while now, but I wanted to test for a longer period of time in order to make sure I wasn't wrong about anything.

Here's my situation:

I've been working in a large tireshop in sweden for two years now. During this time I've learnt a thing or two about myself and how my body reacts to different situations and to different types of nutrition. Normally I get hungry at about 09:30 and go autopilot at about 11:00 where I start seeing colors and have no focus at all. But for the last 8 months I've been drinking coffee with mct oil and butter in the mornings, where I used to just drink normal coffee. The coffee I drink is not bulletproof and I'm not certain that the butter is grass fed, the MCT-Oil is Bulletproof atleast, but the difference is amazing. I can work until my lunchbreak at 12:00 now without a problem. Also, I used to eat a gargantuan amount of food at lunch and then feel sleepy for the rest of the day. Now however I feel like I'm able to control the hunger and eat less.

 If I had a stable financial situation I would buy bulletproof coffee, but since I live in Sweden and the shippingfees are quite expensive I'd rather be a cheap fuck and save the money. The point here is that even though bulletproof coffee is the best for you, you can still manage to substitute it, copy it and get major benefits.

Hopefully I've managed to write with some sort of purpose and coherency. This post is mostly made as a big thanks to Bulletproof, so...

Thanks Dave for helping me get through these 2 years of work in order to finance my studying. Thank you for the inspiration to appreciate the health of my own body. Thank you for making me better. And last, thanks to the BP-community. As a "lurker" i never really thank anyone for the information I siphon off of them. But know this, by writing in this forum you help a lot of people, even though they never write anything back.


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    Good stuff mate!
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    Coffee in Sweden should be quite OK since European Union has import restrictions on coffee regarding mycotoxin levels!


    Edit: One thing i would do though is verify your butter is grass-fed or try to find one that is, should not be too hard in Sweden i guess.

  • The problem is the climate, cows don't go outside in the winters. The best butter would be imported, but there is a patriotic culture of eating Swedish made products which makes it harder.

    Second best would to be to consume from the period of the year when the animals have the higest nutrient dense food, late summer would be the best choice for that. Freezing butter/meat(and egg yolks?) would be best for the dark period of the year.

    I have personally witness fat from gf meat in the store turning whiter and yolks from free range chickens turning paler in late winter.

    Im currently speaking with some other BP swedes to make a Facebook page to easier share food/supplements connections and order stuff together locally.

    Email me for more info.
    Please email me instead of PM

    [email protected]
  • Isn't the shipping fee from like eight bucks?


  • If you live in the south of sweden, now is the time to buy shitloads of butter from whetever farm you can find, or do like me and buy Thise smör usaltat from Denmark. Buy it , fridge it, then freeze it before it goes bad.

    Dont know if this is the best way to do?

    but works really good for me

    big Yes to Bp swede page on fb
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