Think Bp Coffee Is Gross? Try The Bp Shot!

So I find BP Coffee gross. I make it and drink it but I can't finish it. So I tried the BP Shot. Making 3 ounces of high grade Coffee with a tablespoon of Coconut Oil, and Unsalted Butter, and added some cacao powder for good measure. It's still gross but it's a shot so it all goes down in one go rather than trying to drink 8-12 ounces over the course of a morning. I think I'm gonna try to find an espresso machine this works so well.


  • Nate BradyNate Brady @NateBrady23

    If you don't like coffee, BP or otherwise, don't drink it.  I may be wrong, but I don't believe it is meant to be a necessary part of the Bulletproof lifestyle.  I believe it's meant to be a replacement for people who already drink coffee.  If you're trying to get the benefits of the MCT Oil and Butter then take a shot of Oil and eat some butter right off the stick.


    Personally though, I crave my BP Coffee.  I've had Starbucks only once since switching to BP Coffee and it was because I was unexpectedly away from home.  It may have been a placebo effect but I could feel the difference within an hour.  

  • Maybe you should try MCT oil instead of coconut oil , i personally dont like my coffee with coconut oil

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    i just take melted(75<) coconut oil from a big spoon, its not the most pleasant thing in the world but the taste is mild enough to do it without too much issue. there is no real need to take it with coffee, if i was going to mix it with something to make it taste more pleasant/pallatable it would probably be something with a strong sweet/salty/sour, (just a shot glass of coconut oil + salt or lemon juice or something) idk havent tried it.

  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress ✭✭

    There are benefits from consuming the coffee, MCT and butter together so there's nothing wrong with this.


    I used to struggle to drink my BPC until I tried a few variations. I found that doubling the amount of water from 300ml to 600ml, while keeping the amount of coffee, 40g of butter and 2 tablespoons of MCT the same made it far more bearable and actually nice to drink.

  • BPC coffee doesnt have to be part of your diet, but having  a high healhy fat breakfast without carbs or protien should. I think you could even have some "get some ice cream" with some vit-b pills for an extra , any any other high fat, zero carb and protien concotion you can come up with. I like your espresso idea for yourself too, very creative. Just remember, MCT oil is the badass of healthy fats, and grassfed butter is a close second, I would then say egg yolks.

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