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Hi guys,


I've just decided I want to try Bulletproof Coffee and was hoping I could get some help seeing as I've never made proper coffee in my life. I've been searching the forums and blog and finding it difficult to get concise information on the below. Any help is much appreciated.


I live in London, where is the cheapest place to order or obtain Bulletproof Coffee beans & MCT oil?


Also, what is the best method of preparing one cup of coffee? I don't own any equipment or anything, complete beginner.




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    Try these guys: http://www.alphasupps.co.uk/


    You'll need a grinder since the beans come whole and some device to brew the coffee. Look for a French press or a Hario pourover mug as a cheap place to start and you'll be fine.

    They should have instructions on how to use the device and how much coffee to use, but this is also up to your own taste.


    Then you just need a blender of some kind and you're sorted!

  • Hi Steven,


    Thanks for the quick response. I'm going to order the coffee from the site listed above, I assume MCT oil can only be ordered from the main Bulletproof site?


    If cost is not a problem, do you have any recs for a grinder and a French press? For one cup of coffee do I just grind as much as I think I'll need or do most people grind enough for a full press and then that lasts a few days? I'll only be having one cup in the morning. Finally, are the instructions with the butter & MCT oil for a full press or one cup or two? It's all a bit confusing.

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    Check out youtube, there's loads of videos of people and how they make theirs (including Dave himself).


    Also read this forum. All the info is on here. Don't be Lazy :wink:


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  • Hahaha, katolotus, you're right, I was being too lazy.


    Made my first cup today (I never drink coffee) and I got really energetic, maybe too much :-)



    and had a bag of beans in my freezer which are organic, from Peru. Put a bunch of beans in the grinder and set it to one above the finest setting and to make enough for two and a bit cups.


    Put that powder into the french press, which said '4 cups' on the side, so filled it with hot water and let it sit for about four minutes. Then pressed it and emptied into a saucepan. 



    and 15g of coconut oil (forgot it was 30g) and then blended everything with a hand blender. Strangely, even though the french press said '4 cups' on it, after blending everything, it was only enough for two mugs.


    I had one cup and really felt it! Did a gym workout about half an hour later and now feel decent.


    Can anyone see anything wrong or advise how I can improve this (apart from the obvious - upgrading the ingredients)? I assume I felt it more because I haven't had any coffee for ages.


    I'm going to order some Bulletproof coffee, get some 100% grassfed butter & also order some MCT oil and give it another go.

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    Bodum are a good brand of coffee related glassware. The grinder doesn't matter much, just so long as its not from the $2 shop.

    All your questions come down to your own tastes really. The amount of coffee, water, butter, MCT - there is no right answer. Play with it and find the ratios that work for you. As far as grinding, the best/freshest way is to grind before each use, but if you can't be bothered then grind a weeks worth at a time or even more.

    Sounds like you've got it sussed!
  • Quick update:


    My Krups grinder wasn't working properly because I hadn't taken the removable upper mill out and then put it back in properly. This is important to make sure the machine is grinding the beans properly and you're getting enough coffee as a result. Thought I'd mention in case anyone else gets the grinder and has issues :-)

  • Not sure I've seen this basic advice around, but be sure to grind your beans coarse if you are French Pressing.  If you used any of the finer settings on the grinder then you might be overextracting from the beans and you will also end up eating a bunch.  


    Looking at your grinder (I have basically the same one) I think it's OK to use the coarsest grind setting for French Press (no risk of underextraction).   This link has a great guide to French Pressing. http://stumptowncoffee.com/brew-guides/press-pot/


    I'm going to order some Bulletproof coffee, get some 100% grassfed butter & also order some MCT oil and give it another go.



    This is your best bet - and will yield even more stunning results than you already achieved.


    I agree also with the coarser grind if you're using a press. I use an Aero Press with a stainless filter and if I grind it too fine, it is a chore to press the coffee and I always end up with a little grit in the bottom of my cup.

  • I've been having Bulletproof coffee for a while now with zero issues, until the last few days where I have been getting a bit jittery and tired about 30 mins after having the coffee. The grind seems to have lighter colours in it, could these be some kind of mould?

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