Bp Coffee - With Inulin

I'm taking an acidophilus probiotic at the moment, and I've also been adding 5g inulin (chicory derived) to my BP coffee in the hope that I can establish a more beneficial flora.


The reason being, Akkermansia muciniphila is associated with weight loss in some studies, and it's not something you can get in pill form - so I'm trying to nurture its development with inulin.


Also, I'd imagine it's quite relevant to the whole mucas lining/flora: I gave up wheat 7 months ago (causes leaky gut, crosses blood brain barrier, contains exorphins and agglutinin).  No more stomach cramps, and I've lost all the weight I struggled to get rid of for years.  Wheat Belly was what sent me on this low carb journey that led me here. The concept of bio hacking is very interesting... but hacking through the BS that we've been taught by the likes of the FDA is where I see the hacking part!

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