How Much Caffeine Do We Consume A Day?

Im on around 500mg of caffeine from BP coffee a day. About 500mg of provigil. Ive hacked my sleep down to around 3-4 hours a night. 


Feel amazing!


Please share what works for you. I understand what works for me might not be everyones cup of BP. :)


  • I hope you are cycling.  Those seem to be pretty heavy dosages.

  • hybridhybrid Cateye vs Isolation

    Be careful with the provigil/caffeine/bpc you might do less sleep than you actually need. I might do 3 BPC and 20mg provigil MAX


    Balance training and recovery.

  • You cant hack sleep with caffiene and provigil, you need he deep sleep stimulating machines that dave uses. Caffiene and provigil will keep you running great on little sleep, until you burn out, with high cortisol, low test, and adrenal fatigue.

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