Massage Oil

Since the skin is one of the largest organs and whatever comes into contact with it has to be dealt with by the Liver, what massage oil should be used? What massage oils should be avoided?


  • try plain old coconut oil. it's great for the skin.
  • I've used coconut oil for years before I learned of its health benefits. It's good for your skin and is anti-fungal. It also smells awesome.

    I used MCT oil and would recommend that as well except for the expense.
  • I'm a massage therapist, so I'd like to ring in here. First cold pressed coconut oil is indeed fantastic. It does have the typical coconut/beachy aroma that some may want to avoid however. My go-to for a base oil isn't actually an oil at all! It's Jojoba, which technically is a liquid wax. it's extremely absorbable by the skin, does not clog pores (actually helps clean pores out), is rich in vitamis, is hypoallergenic and has natural restorative esters akin to the ones our sebaceous (sweat/oil) glands make naturally. There is a slight smoky scent to it, that most don't notice or find pleasant.

    For jojoba you want the stuff that is a pretty golden yellow color, it has all it's vitamins and good-for-you properties. If you come across a very light or clear jojoba it has been processed and is not worth the money. Organic or at least pesticide free is best.

    Some jojoba info:
  • girlfriend is a masseuse and she uses organic virgin coconut oil and I love it... great smell and seems to help with skin moisture, and works perfectly for the massages
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