Suggestions For Essential Bulletproof Cookware?

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What are your suggestions of the essential cookware to being a bulletproof chef?


So far I am thinking a flavor-wave, light ceramic pans/pots (would love for someone to suggest a specific set from amazon), and a glass cutting board. 


My explanations:

-Flavorwave: No sure about the flavor-wave, but everyone seems to be in agreement that it is best.


-Light Enamel Pots/Cookware: Dave suggests relatively thin enamel pans are "the way to go", because the heavier ones hold heat for 5-10 minutes after you take off the burner, and can over cook your food.


-Glass cutting board: It seems to me that wooden or plastic cutting board are susceptible to bacterial and mold, not to mention any micro-particles of plastic entering your food while you cut on it, right?


Would love everyone to make suggestions, turning this into a complete list of essential Bulletproof Cooking Set! :)

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