Pork Recipes?

Hey guys,


I'm craving some pork now and want your opinion on any bulletproof recipes or ways to cook it bulletproof.


I was just planning to cover the meat with some water and boil until done and serve with buttered rice or something, with salt of course.






  • I've made a pork roast in the crockpot with a bunch of sauerkraut and it's amazingly delicious, not the most bp though.  

  • Neither pork nor chicken are listed in the BP shopping list as meats you should buy. Why?

    Patrick Graham


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  • Both are high in omega 6 due to their natural diet, pork is a sometimes if pastured organic, chicken is worse, if you want chicken make sure to remove all fat and skin. The options that are better are way better so the mediocre ones are further down.


    organic grass-fed pastured beef has a natural diet too. why is it not high in Omega 6?

    Patrick Graham


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    So if you can quantify the omega 6 imbalance you'll get from the pork, you can take steps to cancel it out by having an additional krill or fish oil supplement.


    Are there any other reasons not to eat pork other than omega 6 and being a Jew/Muslim?

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