Weight Gain: Biohack My Labs!

Hello, I have been following the BP diet for almost a year fine tuning and learning more as the community evolves. 


I have gained weight though, even though I am miraculously better in so many other ways. I had been diagnosed with ADHD at 8yo (how awful) and was on Ritalin and Ritalin SR for exactly a decade 8-18, the last 5 yrs of treatment I was receiving a daily dose of 120mg Ritalin; 40mg TID. This was absurdly ineffective but none-the-less it is my cross to bear. I apologize if some feel this is a whiny story but I feel a background is as important as the current situation. Fast forward today. BP diet equates to 30-40oz of BP coffee daily which is broken into half caf/ half decaf brewed in a french press with near boiling water thats been filter through a berkey black and white element (removes everything from radon to fluoride). I then add 4-6Tbs kerrygold, 2Tbs MCT, some vanilla powder from BPexec. I then will eat between 2-5 which NOW consists of 1/4lb of amazingly pure meat - beef, lamb or goat occasionally pork then a moshposh of lightly sautéed veggies a cooked in a Cast iron pan medium heat filtered water and coconut oil - just add salt ; ) then if I am starving when I get home, I will eat a snack of sorts which my beautiful lady make - an assortment of cocoa powder, coconut chips, coconut flour and stevia with a 1Tbs or 2 of kerrygold on top. Supplements are as follow 10-15k IU D3, 1 capsule of super k by life extension, 3g vit C, 1 capsule of B complex 100 by Bluebonnet and at night to sleep 3teaspoons of raw honey mag calm and 1 Tsb MCT. Also 1-3Tsb of carlson's fish oil depending if i am feeling stiff. Also 100mg-400mg of midafinil. 


This has been pretty much the last 6months the first were fine tuning everything. I have gained about 25lbs of fat measured by impedance. this sucks because everything else feels amazingly better I mean the clarity is unlike any other I excel at work and my energy is through the roof compared to the gross fluffy SAD diet. I have even maintained a level of strength unlike any other during a prolonged hiatus. 




The data - 


T4 total 10.0ug/dl

T uptake 30.06%

TSH 2.87 uIU/ml

T4 free direct 1.2ng/dl

T3 free 3.4pq/ml

rT3 (reverse) 17.6ng/dl

T3 Total 107ng

Cortisol 8.4ug/dl

Estradiol < 20.pg/ml


% free Testosterone 1.2%

Testosterone free 44-60pg/ml (two different days same time via serum)

DHEA Sulfate 236.6ug/dl

Totat Test 443-502ng/dl

Homocysteine plasma 8 umol/L

Sex hormone binding globulin 41-48nmol/l

Thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin 69%

CRPhs 1.58mg/l

Antithyroiglobulin antibody <20 IU/ml (twice)

CoQ10 1.14ug/ml

Vit D 25OH 62.3ng/ml

Thyroid Peoxidase Ab 2.3-3.0 IU/ml


CBC w/ diff were good except elevated % Eosinophils 7.2% and % Baso 1.8%


CMP was good as well vit b12 658pq/ml, ferritin 175ng/ml



You guys I feel like are my last hope. I have been struggling with mental clarity, asthma and obesity for almost 3 decades. I am 28yo and work diligently to not feel ancient. I admit I feel better but I still feel like shit if that makes sense. I still have trouble getting up and going I still have issues with fatigue. I have tried everything I feel like - tried the zen approach to sex prescribed by dave, removed known toxins from my house courtesy of the better baby book and adhere to a purist diet thanks to BPExec. 


My girl and I want to have kids so I am hesitant to taking anabolics. I am meeting with my doctor to go over the lab results and I know he is interested in Rx cytomel but I would like a more holistic approach like maybe Iodine and selenium or desiccated thyroid, any thoughts? Also for the low test i was thinking Clomid and an aromatase inhibitor. Any men out there have an experience with this is greatly appreciated and frankly anyone can chime in please. Thanks in advance for helping me reclaim my life.




If it matters I am a nurse who occasionally works nights so I do have disruptions in my circadian rhythm 



  • elevated eosinophils usually indicate the presence of a parasite. Have you had a gut function test (e.g. metametrix GI effects)? If you have gut flora imbalances that could prevent weight loss. 

  • excellent idea, I heard metametrix dropped its price to 100 down from 400. I will check to see if my insurance covers this, thanks!

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    Can you just add something like food grade diatomaceous earth which would help with intestinal health and killing of parasites? Its a silica supplement, too, and we are ALL silica deficient now given the state of our depleted soil. $20 bucks for a 10 lb box and Im still half full of it after over a year. Doubles as an intestinal superscrub. Some discussions on message boards would describe including DE in recipes for baked goods and they claimed it would help with being able to eat them and not gain weight. Right now, when I wake up, Ive been just doing a warm water drink, waiting a half hour, then adding some liver support tinctures to a DE mix. I will stop this to cycle eventually (and to give the liver a break)....not sure if the effects of the DE would render taking the tincture simultaneously useless, but I assume it doesn't. I take anywhere from 2-6 TBS a day of DE. Aside of including tinctures, I DO treat it as I would Activated Charcoal - I refrain from dosing with it around things *good* for me, like my current supplements or a healthy fat meal. NonBP meals, I will take some before or after, just like the Charcoal. I use SafeDE on Ebay - they ship super fast and prices are cheap. It is said to remove heavy metals from the body....and parasites/worms apparently really like heavy metal. With all the pharmaceuticals you've been on (and just from general heavy metals in the water you drink and shower with, the food you've eaten), I wouldn't be surprised if you have elevated heavy metal levels in the body. I did blood tests for heavy metals - I tested mostly low, but testing for metals is tricky with blood tests as they usually like to bury themselves in your tissues.


    Another relative takes Terramin clay - way more expensive but perhaps a mix of the two would benefit you long term. I keep planning on buying Terramin Clay but I keep forgetting. Its more of a vacuum than DE.






    As a plus, you can also give it to your animals to prevent them from getting sick.


    Ive got a crazy schedule too - you will never feel optimal fighting your circadian rhythms. That's just something youre going to have to deal with or get another shift that keeps you normal.

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