Relative Will Have Gallbladder Removed - Chance To Save?

This is my attempt at some serious crowd-sourcing. I have a relative who just announced on FB that her gallbladder is scheduled to be removed. I don't know how soon, but is there ANYTHING I can offer to her in information or a possible way out?

I'm asking based on the assumption that this is a BAD thing that should not have to happen if at all possible. If I'm wrong on that, let me know, too....

Thank you!


  • Is there an alternative medicine doctor you can send her to before the procedure?

    I am no expert but listen to 7-8 hours of podcasts a day during work and to not have the gallbladder removed is something I have heard often.
  • I'll gently inquire as to what is going on. This is a relative on my in-laws side that I have never been close with, so obviously that's a problem. I just see a possible place where some knowledge could prevent acute and long-term harm, thought I have some serious doubts she would give a flying frack what I have to say.
  • Father in law had his done. There were no problems other than he was sore for longer than they said he would be. But he was back to normal very soon.

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    Father in law had his done. There were no problems other than he was sore for longer than they said he would be. But he was back to normal very soon.


    There aren't problems with the surgery, the problem is you need a gallbladder to store bile to digest fats, and doctors are still on the "fat is bad" bandwagon so they don't see a problem. But they are essentially crippling their patients, in that they are relegated to only getting two of three important macronutrients. 


    If you want to eat a remotely bulletproof macronutrient breakdown after removing your gallbladder, you need to take supplemental ox bile extract with every meal.

  • Re: Ox bile. Had my gallbladder removed several years ago and often had an upset stomach after meals. Then I went on bulletproof intermittent fasting. I followed it but I felt ill a lot. Finally found something on the forum where someone talked about Dave saying you absolutely needed to take ox bile if you had your gallbladder removed. Tah Dah! It made a huge difference in my ability to eat fats.

  • I am under the impression that usually by the time a doctor recommends gall bladder removal it is to late, the gall bladder is past the point of saving.

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    I am under the impression that usually by the time a doctor recommends gall bladder removal it is to late, the gall bladder is past the point of saving.

    my mom had hers removed. I inquired as to why, she said gallstones. 

    she indicated the surgery was more preventative and not absolutely necessary.


    i'm curious the criteria for removal and just how far to the elective side the range goes.

    no mention of the need to supplement with digestive enzymes. I've noticed for years her difficulty with fatty food.

    years later i'm a little ticked off, and I don't know if I'd be speaking from an uniformed point of view, but I'd have strong words with that doctor.

  • I'm staring down the barrel of a gall bladder surgery soon I think, though I need to get the diagnostics and tests done first.  I've been having indigestion and acid re-flux, with lots of burping (which I solved with some multi enzyme supplements), and occasional diarrhea that I thought was related to MCT over use.  Now I'm getting some bouts of severe pain at night, which is referring to the back by my ribs.  Walk in doc told me she though it was gall bladder, and I have an appointment Monday with the PCP to sort it out.  


    I've looked for alternatives but all I see on line in some spurious remedies that I'm skeptical of for treating stones, and there are meds you can get for stones that are cholesterol based, but they are long term meds.  There is also a high powered sonic treatment that can break the stones up.  Everything I have read on here and on other sites leads me to believe that with our systems set up to run fats efficiently, high carb low fat diets have some role in the creation of stones in the gall bladder, by way of stagnant gall bladder operation (no fats, no need to release bile when the CCK reaction in the mouth takes place when you eat fats, the bile trigger as I understand it).  This makes sense but of course is pretty correlative in my estimation.  There are various theories on why cholesterol stones form, but they are also pretty spurious in my opinion, and there is not solid causation that is listed in any of the literature I have seen that can be tested in any way, it's just accepted like a religion that it happens because of eating fats.


    The only issue I for see for me if I have to have it out, and can't find an alternative that doesn't involve a treatment that I'm really skeptical of, is the possibility of have chronic diarrhea which apparently is listed as a side effect with some people.  There is also the issue of some of the gall badder disease symptoms not alleviating after BG removal, though I'm not sure yet what that is all about.  I'd love to hear some good alternatives too if anyone knows of any besides what I listed.  I have read some speculative info over at about how the GB aids in removing excess unneeded estrogen variations from you body, and without it you need all sorts of supplements to aid in continuing this process.  I'm still reading upon the citations for this claim right now, but his site looks like it is full of citations and references, and he is an MD I believe.  Any feed back on my info, or where  am going wrong?  Any other suggestions for me and the original poster?


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