Sugar Alcohols

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[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif"]Ive been looking around but am getting some weird answers about[/font][font="arial, sans-serif"] [/font][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Erythritol (and other sugar alcohols, sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, lactitol, etc) and safety with liver and renal function[/font][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif].[/font]

[font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]What do you know about the efficacy of sugar alcohols? I [/font][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]mean, I know they are better to have than pure sugar, but since they [/font][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]are alcohols and processed by the liver, are they potentially [/font][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]dangerous for long term use? For example, potentially contributing to fatty liver disease.[/font][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif] [/font]

[font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]This is scientifically hard to isolate because so many people drink and smoke, or have done so at some point in their lives. I have not drunk or smoked myself so id be a great guinea pig but.... anyway, lots of the studies seem to be focused on animal subjects, which is not an accurate comparison with us humans because it poisons them but we dont seem to be as affected as they are. Still, most of the sugar alcohols dont seem to be as tested as aspartame for example because there has been so much hype about the safety of that since 1970s or something and the sugar alcohols are much more recent.[/font]

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    Hey thanks Bulletproof intern, So since they are alcohols, are they safe for the liver and kidneys? Or can long term use potentially cause the same sort of issues that long term alcohol abuse can cause? Are there even any studies out there about that?

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  • Follow up sugar alcohols spike insulin at all? I am experimenting with carb backloading in a bulletproof framework and wanted to eat bulletproof get some ice cream in the mornings, but I am worried the making it with xylitol might not be optimal. Maybe I should just stick to the coffee.
  • I think it's safe to say that both anecdotal and in research that there is no evidence of blood glucose rising because of sugar alcohols. However, Insulin spiking is much harder to measure on an immediate impact basis and there are some studies out there (I'll find one specific one I've seen posted before) about sugar alcohols causing small levels of Insulin secretion just due to the taste receptors getting something sweet.

    To be honest, unless you are consuming a massive amount of sugar alcohols, it's a minute difference and outside of Erythritol, I've found that when I consume something like Sorbitol the GI issues get me before anything else. I've chewed a few packs of sugarless gum in a day and it can lead to some extreme uncomfortability in the stomach. It makes me feel like I've eaten a huge meal and causes some serious gas.
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