My Stack - Brand Advice?

Here's my current stack with links to the product on Amazon.


I'd love to know if anyone has any advice on improvements.


Magnesium 200mg Elemental 4x/day - Doctor's Best (

Vitamin D 5000IU 1x/day - Life Extension (

Vitamin K2 Complex 1x/day - Life Extension (

Calcium D-Glucarate 200mg 2-3x/day - Life Extension (

Selenium 200mcg 1x/day - GNC (

Iodine 225mcg 1x/day - PURE (

Serrapeptase 120k SPU 2-4x/day - Doctor's Best (

Nattokinase 2k FU/day - Doctor's Best (

Arctic Cod Liver Oil 1000mg - Nordic Naturals (

B Complex #12 - Thorne (

Vitamin C 1000mg 1x-5x/day - Puritan's Pride (

CoQ10 Ubiqionol 100mg/day - Qunol (

Probiotics - Multidopholis (

Antronex 1x/day - Standard Process (

L-Glutamine 1500mg (Before and After weight training) - GNC (

Activated Charcoal 560mcg (Rarely take) - Nature's Way (

Betaine HCl 2x/day - Now Foods (



I'm looking to get away from the GNC brands, as those were things I was getting before I knew better.

I need a good Selenium complex.  What's the best way to go with Vit C?  What I'm using is something I've

had a ton of bottles of.  Any news on Upgraded Activated Charcoal?  Can I improve my Magnesium?  


I'd also like to add Creatine - for someone who doesn't really want to add a ton of muscle but maintain body weight and help with cognitive functioning.  Dose and brand?




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