Wellnessfx Tells Me My Cholesterol Is Too High

So I know already that high LDL cholesterol isn't necessary indicative of anything negative.

I did a blood panel with wellnessfx, which I believe Dave has also used in the past. The doctor who spoke to me about my results specializes in paleo, which is why I was kinda surprised to hear her worried about my high cholesterol.

Here are my results:

Total Cholesterol: 265 mg/dL (conventional wisdom says over 240 is "high risk")

LDL-C direct: 181 mg/dL (conventional wisdom says over 130 is "high risk")

HDL-C direct: 75 mg/dL (conventional wisdom says over 40 is "great")

Triglycerides: 46 mg/dL (conventional wisdom says under 150 is "great")

LP(a): <1 (conventional wisdom says under 50 is "great")

Apo B: 133 mg/dL (conventional wisdom says over 80 is "high risk")

hs-CRP: 0.44 mg/dL (conventional wisdom says under 1.0 is "great")

My $0.02 is "meh, the triglycerides ratio is fine, and my hs-CRP is low" but I don't actually have a good sense of how to interpret the results beyond the vague understanding that high LDL isn't necessarily a bad sign and that conventional wisdom's interpretation is worthless.

Any useful links to where I might learn more or how to interpret these results properly?


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