Wellnessfx Tells Me My Cholesterol Is Too High

So I know already that high LDL cholesterol isn't necessary indicative of anything negative.

I did a blood panel with wellnessfx, which I believe Dave has also used in the past. The doctor who spoke to me about my results specializes in paleo, which is why I was kinda surprised to hear her worried about my high cholesterol.

Here are my results:

Total Cholesterol: 265 mg/dL (conventional wisdom says over 240 is "high risk")

LDL-C direct: 181 mg/dL (conventional wisdom says over 130 is "high risk")

HDL-C direct: 75 mg/dL (conventional wisdom says over 40 is "great")

Triglycerides: 46 mg/dL (conventional wisdom says under 150 is "great")

LP(a): <1 (conventional wisdom says under 50 is "great")

Apo B: 133 mg/dL (conventional wisdom says over 80 is "high risk")

hs-CRP: 0.44 mg/dL (conventional wisdom says under 1.0 is "great")

My $0.02 is "meh, the triglycerides ratio is fine, and my hs-CRP is low" but I don't actually have a good sense of how to interpret the results beyond the vague understanding that high LDL isn't necessarily a bad sign and that conventional wisdom's interpretation is worthless.

Any useful links to where I might learn more or how to interpret these results properly?


  • Most evidence shows that an elevated level of LDL cholesterol is not healthy, as LDL cholesterol has been consistently shown to clog blood vessels contributing to heart attacks and stroke, and hence why WellnessFX licensed and certified practitioners informed you of the possible risk. Fortunately these are often movable through nutrition and lifestyle changes and WellnessFX practitioners try to provide the best recommendations along these lines. -Dr. Murdoc Khaleghi, Medical Director, WellnessFX
  • LDL is typically not measured directly. Instead, is is an estimated value.

    The Friedwald equation is the most common method of indirect LDL estimation. This method is known to be inaccurate for people with low triglycerides. In 2008 there was a paper published in the Iranian Journal of Medicine that provides a modified equation that would better estimate your LDL. Here is a link to the paper: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18426324.

    Using the Iranian equation, your LDL is 140.

    Some think that the LDL pattern size is much more of a concern. Given your triglycerides, your LDL is likely mostly comprised of pattern A which is the light fluffy kind that is not as much of a risk factor as pattern b.

    Did you have a thyroid panel in particular T3? T3 stimulates the expression of the LDL receptor.

  • If you have just lost a lot of weight (30+ lbs or more), then that is not unusual. Let your weight stabilize, & I'd bet your levels will be just fine.
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