Upgraded Vs. Stumptown

My moment with BPC came off the first sip when I put that creamy buttery combination of coffee, butter and coconut oil to my lips for the first time and had one of the greatest days of my life.  At the time, I only had Stumptown coffee but I was psyched to see that they were one of the roasters that Dave specifically named to be "bulletproof".


Since that time, I'd gotten a 5lb bag of Upgraded, stocked up on MCT oil and bought out all the Kerrygold in my zip code and have been enjoying BPC every morning, but you can never replicate your first time, right?  I'd forgotten that I hadn't cancelled my Stumptown subscription, so I was surprised to see the box at my doorstep yesterday.  12 oz. of beautiful Kenya Ngunguru http://buy.stumptowncoffee.com/kenya-ngunguru.html   It's not South American or high-altitude but it is single origin and 1700 meters is not nothing.


When I made my BPC this morning, I saw a creaminess I haven't seen with Upgraded and the taste was noticeably better (I had some black just because I couldn't resist, but even after blended the difference was noticable).  I'm missing the guarantee that I'm drinking mycotoxin-free coffee, but based on the way I feel - I think I'm on terra ferma there.  


The cost was about $28/bag for 12 oz after shipping - I don't think that this is practical given what a staple BPC is but I thought ppl would like to know that there are better (for my n=1) options out there that can be bought.  This is a definite luxury that is absolutely worth it on a few occasions.  If you are trying to introduce a friend to BPC, spend a little extra on the beans and make it memorable.  Otherwise, buy the 5lb bag of Upgraded for $79 and spend all the extra money on grass-fed meat or any of the other myriad of expenses associataed with being Bulletproof.

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