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I am *very* new to this BP way of life (1 week to be exact).  I am feeling a bit hesitant about it.  I am 1 year post pancreatic transplant #2 (former diabetic for 31 years, but no longer since the transplant). 


I wanted to try the BP diet for a couple of reasons:

1.  I want to lose some pounds

2.  I want more energy (the meds I take kick my @$$)


I adore the BP coffee.  Can't live without it (even though I never knew I needed to live with it). So much pow - especially combined with my supplements. I haven't seen any weight loss (I actually gained a few pounds). I am eating less than I did before (which wasn't a whole lot to begin with, but it was pretty carb centric).  I am *not* overweight and I am pretty active (treadmill and pilates reformer a few times a week).


My question to all of you out there is:  I do not, nor have I for the last 35 years, eaten any meat except for chicken and turkey and even then, it's not often.  Are there others like me out there doing the BP thing?  If so, how do you navigate the meat situation?


Are there other women (I forgot to mention, I am a 41 year old female) out there doing this too?  How is it working out for you?


  • LOL why are you asking us?


    Speak to your endocrinologist. 

  • I really don't care about what the doc says... what I want to know is if there are other quasi vegetarians out there and how they mitigate the meat situation :) 

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    If you eat chicken and turkey, you're not a vegetarian.


    Some of the best benefits from this diet come from eating beef and lamb. What's your reason for not eating either of those?

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    why "mitigate meat situation", you should increase your meat consumption.. unless i guess you have ethical concerns about the wellbeing of the animals; in that case go for local/grassfed/pastured animals. if you have ethical concerns about global warming in relation to meat production idk what to tell you. if you are avoiding it because you dont like the taste you could just experiment with recipes.


    as far as what you should do if you are going to avoid most meat no matter what, i'd imagine supplementing with things u can only get from meat would be a start; the things that come to mind are k2 and Q10 as well as get your fats/proteins from healthy fats(coconut/mcts/butter) and maybe protiens from properly processed legumes or whey?


    on exercise im sure the bulletproof way would be to do high intensity/low duration vs low intensity/high duration(this should help with weight loss) greater fat/protien vs carb macros (help with weight loss)


    ofcourse i am not a doctor nor professional, be careful with your practices especially if you have underlying/serious health issues.

  • Badmonkey, another woman here and former vegan. Searching out and only supporting grassfed humanely raised and slaughtered meats have been important to me. Unless we all become breatharians, the nature of our existence here requires the death of other life forms, it's a form of elitism to think that killing a cow is any different than the multitudes of gophers I kill so that my vegetable garden can flourish. Cultivating a sense of gratitude for the food we eat has been the key for me, plus food prepared and eaten in gratitude actually tastes better, too.
  • Hey Everyone,


    Thanks for the replies. For the "you're not a vegetarian" - right - I am not.  I am *mostly* vegetarian (not vegan).  When my body demands meat proteins, turkey is my go to - but it is not often (as I stated before).  My two chickens provide me eggs, so I have some pretty amazing eggs at my disposal :)


    I don't eat lamb, beef, pork, buffalo, etc because I can't.  Since childhood, I have not been able to digest it... and the texture in my mouth was a little more than I could handle.  I have inadvertently eaten red meat that I didn't know was in something and I have gotten deathly ill.  Dairy doesn't seem to bother me too too much, so I am good there.


    I will bring the Q10 supplement into my regimen and see if that helps add to the benefits of the BP diet.  Like I said before, I really do like the way I have been feeling since starting it.


    I do HIT on the treadmill, but I will make sure to be more conscientious about time.  Same for my reformer training.


    Thanks Again!!



  • I really don't care about what the doc says... what I want to know is if there are other quasi vegetarians out there and how they mitigate the meat situation :) 






    Gets a Pancreas transplant, 

    Doesnt care what an endocrinologist whos profession/life is based on research/experimentation that will help your body take in the donated organ.



    Would rather get tips from people online who dont have a clue on the subject


    sounds smart...

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    Salmon, mackerel or sardines (my choices) instead of the red meat you can't eat maybe?


    I'm a vegetarian too. Only really eat red meat at the weekends. Eggs and Fish during the week. :wink:


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  • Carlos, I should have been a little more thoughtful in my response to your comment.  Of course I care what my doctor says. That was never my original point.


    I have been a long time "bio-hacker" (before I ever knew that someone made a word for it.)  I have spent the majority of my life being diabetic and feeling pretty crappy. I tried desperately to find ways of feeling better. Needless to say, being young and stupid, I did things that made me feel better *temporarily.* 


    I received my first pancreatic transplant with a new kidney at 31.  I felt great for the first time in my life.  Then the pancreas failed for unknown reasons after 10 years.  I spent the next 1.5 years "hacking" my way though being a diabetic again and still having to take immunosuppressants (double crappy feeling).  This is when I started exercising like crazy and taking strange (but well researched and chemically compounded - yes I know how to do these formulations) supplements.  I changed my diet (but had not yet found the BP diet). 



    I received a 2nd pancreas transplant in July of 2012.  This was harder than the first and I felt crappier than ever (immunosuppresants basically translate to steroids and chemotherapy drugs).  This had sent me on a new search for alternate and more ways of feeling better - Bulletprrof even.  A year later I have found Bulletproof - BUT... I had questions.


    I have spoken to too many doctors about what I have to do to feel better - diets, exercise, supplements.  THEY ARE NOT HELPFUL.  I know how I operate better than they do and in all honesty, they only know what they know and often times look to me for supplement suggestions for other patients. I came to this forum looking for diet advice regarding meat issues (like, I don't eat red meat at all - BECAUSE I CAN'T).  I wanted to know what other people who don't eat red meat do, not what my endocrinologist eats or what he would do.  Western medicing has its place for sure, but when it comes to feeling your absolute best - it is really lacking.


    In anycase, that may have been way too much info, but there you have why "I don't care what my doctor says."

  • Well the reason you might not be able to eat red meat might be a gut issue, so you can look into fixing it.


    For other suggestions:  Wild caught salmon, sardines, haddock, etc.  Pastured eggs, grassfed butter, cod liver oil, collagen and whey protein, all seem like a good start.  Desiccated liver capsules/powder would also be good.  Apparently radiant life has good ones.

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    I'm sorry, why can't you eat red meat? 

    Everything I learned about "biohacking" has been baby steps to "circadian biology", that's where the real biohacking comes in. You can buy a bunch of cool shit to "hack" but if you don't have context, you're not winning. Paleo is just a brand now and too many have opinions, it's on you to read and reread the material to not only find truth but to connect the dots. Much love to everyone who has helped me on my journey for restoring my health, please keep in touch. Feel free to message me with health questions [email protected] 

  • AFD - I have never been able to eat red meat...not since I was a child.  It has made me sick since I can remember.  I can't digest it (I don't produce the proper enzymes to break it down).  My parents used to say I was being too picky, but I always tried to eat it and then promptly threw up about 15 minutes later.  Any kind of beef or pork essence (fat, broth, etc.) has made me quite ill as well.


    The best any doctor has ever been able to tell me is:  You don't have the right enzymes to break this down.  Either take X, Y or Z prescription or don't eat it.  I chose not to eat it rather than the possible side effects of prescription drugs.

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