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    I can stay in the 5-7 range pretty consistently. Good to see other people are in the 10s and 11s never had anything to compare before. So it is possible :-)

    Where I post my research:

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  • I'm still on Level 3 (high), but here's my personal best score.


    90% green, 10% blue, 0% red. It was a 20 minute sesh.



  • I was just in my car in the parking lot of my office.  I have a playlist that I use for emwave training, but otherwise nothing special.  I'll check my DB and see if I used a  B12 shot that morning.

    Care to share the name of the songs to which you do your session?


    I can share you mine. In fact, I can email you the mp3 links.

  • I bought an album off itunes called "Pranayama: Music for Meditation"

    Care to share the name of the songs to which you do your session?


    I can share you mine. In fact, I can email you the mp3 links.

  • I bought an album off itunes called "Pranayama: Music for Meditation"

    thanks ill check it out also

  • Not sure if it will help anybody - I wanted my room to sound like a Yoga studio when I did my training :D - now im used to it and i think it helps me focus on my breathing.

  • Latest scores - made some good progress the last couple of weeks.



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  • Any ideas on what enabled you to reach a higher score?  That is quite a jump.  Congrats.

  • Any ideas on what enabled you to reach a higher score?  That is quite a jump.  Congrats.

    Bump. I want to know how he did it, too.

  • Bump. I want to know how he did it, too.


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    Started IB July 28th. I was hooked. The benefits for me are outrageous. I never knew I could be so relaxed and confident. My high coherence score is about 9. Does anyone know how to get above 9? I can not sustain 9.. I can sustain avg coherence around 5 on a good day.

    Picture of my progress attached
  • I'm pretty sure I never broke 9 until I was on highest level.  Can't say I know how to do it - but it does happen now and then.

  • Started IB July 28th. I was hooked. The benefits for me are outrageous. I never knew I could be so relaxed and confident. My high coherence score is about 9. Does anyone know how to get above 9? I can not sustain 9.. I can sustain avg coherence around 5 on a good day.

    Picture of my progress attachedattachicon.gifimage.jpg

    Wow. You're doing better than me, and I had a 2 month head start.

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    Wow. You're doing better than me, and I had a 2 month head start.


    If you want my advise...  Not sure if you do this.  I follow the HRV with my breath.  When the line is going down I'm breathing out.  When the line turns I breath in so I can get that sign wave that gives the higher Coherence scores.   I figured out that I have to be sitting up to get good readings.  It might be because I have the Inner Balance not the emwave 2.  I think I will call HeartMath and ask to switch to Emwave 2 because Inner Balance is way too sensative.  My coherence score gets messed up if I move my head.  Inner balance is too sensative. 


    Does anyone know why the HRV turns up and down?  Is there a way to get longer waves?  I think the 10+ coherence scores are from making longer waves with HRV.  


    I have done meditation for months.  Silent mantra meditation called advanced yoga meditation.  There are different benefits to meditation compared to my heartmath, so I continue the meditation.  The author of AYM says it cleans your nervous system...  Not sure what that means but the benefits are outrageous.


    What do you guys think?

  • I've got a new personal best for my peak coherency.


    how did you get to 11 coherence?

  • Zake,

    If you want my advise...  Not sure if you do this.  I follow the HRV with my breath.  When the line is going down I'm breathing out.  When the line turns I breath in so I can get that sign wave that gives the higher Coherence scores....


    That idea came to me a couple of weeks ago, I tried it and it indeed led to higher scores. One sure thing is that it helps me get a nice sine wave sooner than just breathing with the Coherence Coach.


    At first I thought I might be cheating, like artificially inflating my scores by syncing my breath to the HRV line, but the feelings I have (immediate state of calm, plus some sensation in my palms) made me think I'm doing the right thing, so I continued with it.


    Occasionally I use just the Coherence Coach, to see how my scores look like without the HRV breath syncing trick, and was happy to see that the average and highest scores were also quite high (last time I used Coherence Coach I got 5.7 average over 10 minutes, and my highest ever, done with the HRV trick, was 6.5, over 10 minutes as well).


    I'm using emWave Pro, and sitting on a chair, at my desk, when doing the sessions.

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    how did you get to 11 coherence?


    My highest instant score so far was 9.6, and one thing I noticed was that if I'm sleep deprived, even though I might say I'm doing great, emWave will show me consistently lower scores than when I'm well rested. For example, after several nights of sleeping fewer than regular hours, and then driving many hours from town to town, I just could not get my scores anywhere close to where they used to be. I tried 3 times during two days while I was really tired (due to lack of sleep), and eventually came to this conclusion.

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    Just got a new high for the average score yesterday (6.6), and an even higher one today (7.3). I'm paying more attention lately to my sleep schedule; in the past I used to avoid going to sleep, considering it a waste of time, so I would keep myself busy until I could not keep my eyes open anymore; but I don't do that lately, after the shocking evidence given me by my HearthMath practice while being seriously sleep deprived (see my previous post).


    Today I also got my highest instant score (9.9), twice. This is all on level 4, doing 10 minute sessions, using emWave Pro.

  • I was wondering how people could get 8,000 plus coherence points to be on the top three for the last 24 hours.  I figured it out.  Have been having an incredibly stressful time so I have been using my inner balance for hours.  Just checked.  Wasn't hours.  I did three 20 minute sessions and several smaller sessions.  The result is I'm completely relaxed and not worried about the situation that hasn't changed a bit.  Because I'm relaxed about it I can think clearly about solutions and my focus has gone back to normal instead of hating life.


    My goal is to breath this way full time.  Not an easy task conscious breathing all the time.  Wonder if my body will get used to breathing this way or if I have to remind myself to continuously breath for coherence with or without the inner balance.


    Proud that I have achieved over 100,000 coherence points since July 28th.  I'm at over 129,000 actually.

    2.jpg 123.3K

  • I was wondering how people could get 8,000 plus coherence points to be on the top three for the last 24 hours. [...]


    Wow, congratulations Joel, and thanks for sharing. I have been wondering the same thing, but I guess was too lazy to give the thought more than 1 second, so I just did not imagine people doing it for hours. But now it all makes sense. :)


    I've been practicing with the Desktop version of emWave, but have the portable one as well. I do 3 sessions of 10 minutes each day (and sometimes squeeze in a 20 minute session). Increasingly more often lately, I noticed that at apparently random moments, while not doing emWave, I just start breathing like I do when I try to be in high coherence. I guess the body needs the good stuff that results from being in coherence, and unconsciously tells my lungs (and who knows who else) to breathe that way. So yes, I think the body will be used to breathing like that, more and more often.


    I have the portable version as well, and will try using it today for a while, see what I get ;)


    Thank you again!

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    Still stuck on Level 3. Feel like I'm having good sessions, but haven't got to the point where I feel I can move up to the next level.


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    Hi, I just signed up and please let me know if this is the wrong place to post.


    I have emwave 2 and been going crazy to try to get higher coherence.  I've had it for over a year and the best I could get was 5.3.  The worst, well, something around 2 (thought I typically stop it when it's that low, like after five minutes, no point in keep going when my heart out of whack).  Strangely enough even if you don't put the thing on your ear, it still gives you some feedback and I'm not sure why.


      Btw, the reason I do it is because I have OCD and PTSD and depression.  Well, doing it for PTSD and anxiety mainly, to help not be so hypervigilant and get startled and always be on guard and sweat so much and so forth.  It's relaxation focused biofeedback I guess, to help me actually sleep at night.  I also try to do meditation and stretching and progressive muscle relaxation in addition.  But none of it routinely or regularly. 


    Regardless, some of the things I've tried, some of which have improved my scores but not reaching high enough to really feel like using Emwave is much use.


    -Using a breathing pacer and trying to breathe 4-5-6 times a minute.  Just to follow a pacer improves my scores for sure but I could not get any reliable difference between the rates.  A lot of it depends on the day I'm having and how much effort I'm putting into it.  I usually do 20 minute sessions. 


    -Imagine a good memory or good things happening.  Not notice a difference.


    -Focus on heart area or abdomen or breathing process in and out of my body.  This also improves the score.


    -following the waves, see the picture**




    I did the above today.  My therapist had recommended I follow them and saying this way I achieve the highest rate but this is lower than I get from paced breathing.  I wonder if the problem is with the fact that emwave does not record or report your coherence instantly.  I think it takes a few seconds.  I tried it both ways, by following the graph as it appears on the screen and also trying to calculate 5-6 seconds delay and following a part of graph further back.  Strangely, it was better when I followed the graph as it appeared than allowing for delay.  It makes no sense. 


    It was around this time while I was searching for methods to find optimal breathing rate that I came across your site and decided to pose my question here.  Thank you for reading and I appreciate any responses or guidances.  Cheers.

  • I'm amazed at the peaks-to-troughs you guys are getting, mine are utter garbage in comparison.  I'd ask how you achieve such a thing but I'm sure that's been answered 100 times so I'll do the reading and figure it out.

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    I just wanted to share this! I was amazed when I saw today's peak score. 12.0! I can't recall thinking or doing anything different than usual but I have taken a break for a month or so and started yesterday. Maybe I just didn't expect anything and could relax more. One tip I can share is to count your heartbeats and do for example 7 in and 7 out. Than you can really feel how the pulse is varying.

    Take care


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    I've been getting serious into HRV these last few months, but I've also grown a bit disillusioned with the emWave products; read on, though. I've been using a first generation emWave for about a year now, and my scores kept going up and down without any discernable progress or pattern to them, despite my constantly trying to improve. A while ago I moved up to emWave PC, but the pattern persisted... until I started looking at the blood pressure sine wave screen.


    There, I noticed two things:

    • - About 60% of the coherence drops I experienced were due to measurement errors, where heartbeats were either missed or placed incorrectly due to noise in the pulse record;
    • - Because emWave software calculates your coherence by looking at some measure of waveform correlation over the last 45 seconds or so, the majority of the time the red, blue and green light changes were happening because of things that were happening in my body half and disrupting the waveform half a minute earlier, rather than during the last breath cycle. In fact, I noticed a lot of obvious waveform disruptions causing increases in coherence immediately, while dropping me into the red only two or more cycles later. No wonder I wasn't getting any better at it! Biofeedback comes down to operant conditioning, and the time interval between action and outcome is a big factor in deciding learning rate there. The factory emWave feedback mechanism is basically unsuitable for trying to pick up skill by varying what you're doing within a session; it's really only precise enough to learn by attempting different techniques and comparing average coherence levels between whole sessions.


    After learning that, I stopped trying to change what I was doing in response to false negatives, which was ruining my technique by needlessly making my dismiss things that had worked before. Looking at the both the heartrate since wave and the bloodpressure pulse wave by eye, it's pretty easy to tell when you're doing it right. This improved by performance consistently by a full level, over the course of a month - and that's just from learning to ignore the noise, even while it still randomly lowers my coherence here and there.

    I'm seriously considering working out some better software in matlab or something; the noise looks like it should be easy enough to recognize and filter, and weighing coherence equally over the previous 45 seconds is a pretty insane design choice. Has anybody with an eye for graphs looked critically at the pulse and heartrate waves in the emWave 2 generation? And what about the bullerproof app?

  • I tried first generation emWave many years ago, but don't remember to have had a way to numerically interpret the results, like HeathCloud. So I cannot offer much insight about that.


    But then last year in June I started to use emWave Pro almost daily, and soon I also purchased a emWave2 device, thinking it will help me continue the streak of daily sessions, while traveling. I was quite serious with my regular practice, and only missed very few days since then. As of today I have a history of 584 sessions, with a cumulative achievement of 347,623 points. That's not even close to what the high achievers have, but it allowed to noticed some things.


    Also, I'm a computer engineer by profession, so I do have a bias of perfectionism working towards me, sometimes. Below are some of my comments, and please consider these as just my personal experience. I want to say I'm very happy with the HeathMath technology, despite the fact that what I will report below may indicate that it's not working as one would expect all the time. I'm currently using version of the software, but did many sessions with the prior version (for which I don't have a record of its number).


    Lastly, I'm doing all sessions on level 4 (Highest), because of the desire to compare over time (it was mentioned that there is a sensitivity issue that makes results from level 1 not comparable with level 2, and so on).


    1) First of all, I get a much better average score when using emWave Pro, as compare to emWave 2. I connected both to a computer (well, emWave Pro only works with a computer anyway), and used an ear sensor for each. emWave Pro was connected to my right ear, and emWave2 to my left ear. So using this setup, I get 1.4 higher coherence score, on average, with emWave Pro than emWave 2. The median delta is 1.3


    2) Looking into the various "behind the scenes" aspects (like the pulse chart), I noticed that emWave Pro tends to have a smoother curve. Not sure if it's a sampling issue, or what else, but what I see with the naked eye is that the curves are smoother for Pro, which then naturally leads to higher scores (I say naturally because I remember reading on this thread an explanation that the high coherence scores are obtained when the HRV current wave match former waves, or something along the lines of sameness of waves, which is easier to accomplish with a smooth curve than with a "noisy" one)


    3) I noticed that, even though the coherence scores are different by what I call "a lot", the average hearth rate is extremely close, like within 1-2%, between Pro and 2 (basically most of the time the absolute average HR delta is 1, with just one recorded occurrence of a delta of 2, and a few of 0)


    4) Last time I was sick there was a obvious jump in average HR about half a day, or maybe even a day, BEFORE the whatever-I-had-at-that-time erupted. I found that to be cool, and maybe there was something I could have done then, should I have known the meaning of higher average HR (and here higher means 88-90, while normally my average HR is around 70)


    5) I tend to pay less attention to the instant coherence scores, and much more to the average. For ease of comparison and more meaningful conclusions, I try to do the sessions at the same time every day, and for the same duration


    6) As I mentioned in a previous post, I noticed a clear correlation between lack of sleep and the fact that I cannot maintain a green score for too long. In different words, when I'm well rested I can raise above the red and not come back at all for the rest of session, while when I'm tired, even though I don't feel tired (like sleepy or with a foggy mind), I just cannot take off and stay up, not matter how many times I try and how relaxed *I think* I am


    7) There is a clear issue with the sampling. A window of 64 seconds is used, so even though I may be in really high coherence, when starting a session it takes about 1 minute for the score to "catch up". I notice that pretty much all the time, and is the reason why I switched from doing 5 minute sessions to 15 minutes sessions (the longer the session, the less impact the initial low coherence scores have)


    I wanted to add something else, but just found a recent article from HeathMath that explained very well what I wanted to cover: https://www.heartmath.com/support/knowledgebase/?article=kA180000000XbXRCA0&t=Simultaneous+comparisons+of+emWave+PRO+and+Inner+Balance+data


    Hope this helps! ;)

  • I like your attitude towards this.


    And upper respiratory track infections - as with, cold, flu, the like - will cause a heartrate increase. It's an immune response/stress reaction thing, as with food sensitivities, I think.

  • katolotuskatolotus ✭✭✭

    My scores have taken a massive dive lately, for a few weeks I've had sessions I've struggle to get out of the red! Still doing two 10mins sessions a day on average. Rarely miss a session and every now and then I do a few 20mins session. Could be a few things:


    • getting really lazy during the session and letting my mind wonder rather that concentrating on the breating,

    • had a badly injected tooth, so ended up on anitbiotics, 3 separate course of 5 days each, cleaning out all my good gut bugs.

    • been eating too many nuts in the evening, which I've noticed might have increased my HR slightly after eating.


    Sooooo! many variables!!!!!


    Just started to get a few session that feel almost back to normal, so hopefully going to recover. I rate a good session for me as over 500 pts in just over 10mins. An average should be over 350 pts in 10 mins. I've had some sessions of just over 100 pts in 10mins!


    I'd have hoped to have moved to level 4 by now, as I've been on level 3 for probably well over one year. Once I get back to where I was, I need to make some improvements.


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  • Thank you for the news, Katolotus!


    Here is my update: I'm also continuing my practice daily, missing a session less often than once a month. I switched from 3 sessions of 10 minutes to 1 session of 20 minutes, each day, since I wanted to do it first thing in the morning, almost at the same point in my routine. Basically I wanted to compare my sessions, and this setup was the one I thought would allow for the most apples-to-apples comparisons.


    At the moment I cannot find anything new to add to my Feb 10 post. Today I reached a milestone in their Awards system (see picture), and twice in the last month I got very close to reaching 90% green (I got an 87% and an 88%). I think it's a matter of sustaining the coherence at this point, since I get high in the green zone quite quickly, but after about 15 minutes, even 10 sometimes, the score starts to come down a bit.


    I started teaching my kids how to follow the HRV line, and noticed an improvement in their ability to get in the green zone (they are on level 1 and 2 at the moment). And also noticed the same thing as I saw in my training: after a while, the score comes down and it's quite hard to get it back as high as in the first part of the session, as if the body got "tired", or something like that. I think that's one of the aspects that improve over time, with practice.


    Many thanks to all who keep encouraging us, and share their findings. I'll continue with this, as I believe consistency is the key here (as in so many other fields).



  • This is a fantastic thread.  I have been following for a while and I've gotten my own scores up quite high recently.  One thing that hasn't been discussed is setting the breath pacer.  I changed it recently and almost immediately increased my average coherence by a point from about 5.5 to about 6.5 or better.  


    I'm 6'0 and believe I have larger than average lung capacity, but setting the breath pacer to 15 has been like magic.  I used it on 10 for a long time and enjoyed that but 15 is the best.  Once I realized how useful this was I tried all the other options but over 15s had an immediate and terrible drop off for me.  


    I use my Inner Balance sensor at work for about 10 minutes about 5 days a week.  I try to keep a clear mind, not focusing on a positive memory or any of that.  I also count heartbeats and think about my chest expanding with each breath.  


    Using the above few techniques I've been able to get my scores pretty much where I want them and I'm super happy about that. 

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